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Yahoo Contributor Shuts Down But You Can Download All Your Articles

One of the world's oldest and biggest contributor network, the Yahoo contributor network popularly known as the Yahoo Voices is closing down on July 30. The entire Yahoo Contributor Network will be closed by the end of August. It is important to note that content published through the Yahoo contributor network was published on major Yahoo portals like Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, or another Yahoo property. These contents will now get removed unless Yahoo signs a separate contract with you.

Yes, You Can Download All Your Articles

You can download your articles by going to the Content tab, clicking a headline, and hitting the "Download" button that appears in the descriptive overlay to the right.

It is also advised to collect all your data before August 1, 2014.

Here is a link to the FAQ -

Sad to see it depart. I have been a member of Yahoo voices but unfortunately the serice is shut down. What can we do else, this is a part of the World Wide Web, it must go on...

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