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Google Starts Using HTTPS As a Ranking Signal

In a recent webmaster blog post from Google, it is clearly specified that it will consider HTTPS as a minor ranking signal while ranking webpages on the search results. This came as a good news for sites that already have HTTPS in place. For those who don't, Google has given clear guidelines that sites that have secured socket transfer protocol in place can expect to rank higher in Google (provided the major ranking factors favors the site). 

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a communications protocol associated with secured communication over the web. In simple words, the data passed between the client and the server is encrypted and remains safe from hackers when the communication takes place via HTTPS. Contrary to this, HTTP sites do not encrypt the data and the chances of data misuse remains a possibility. 

Why Google Used it As a Ranking Signal?

Google wants to make web a better and a safer place. It also wants its users to remain safe and displaying HTTPS search results will ensure better security to the end users as compared to non HTTPS search results. Google encourages all webmasters to switch from HTTP to HTTPS in order to get this minor ranking boost and to keep everyone safe on the web.

Here are some basic tips to make a switch over to HTTPS:

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