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Has Your Website Conversion Rate from HandHeld Devices Surpassed That of Desktop?

Yes, that's a big question because webmasters still do not feel the need to analyze and compare the conversion rate of mobile vs desktop traffic. I am sure, the way mobile search traffic is booming, most of the site owners will face a shock to see that their conversion rates from mobile devices have already surpassed the desktop ones. 

How to Check Mobile Vs Desktop Conversion Rate?

Following the steps below will help you to unleash the potential of mobile traffic. 

1- Login to Google Analytics and move to dashboards.
2- Click on "New Dashboard"
3- Click on "Add a Widget" 
4- Choose "bar chart", then choose "goal conversion rate" under create a bar chart showing and choose "device category" under grouped by column.
5- Click save.

You will see a chart as shown in the below figure.

This chart will reflect the number of conversions happening on your site through mobile and desktop devices. Clear enough, in most of the cases, the tablet, mobile traffic have already surpassed the desktop traffic. 

What does this means? This clearly indicates that webmasters should start implementing the mobile seo strategies for enhancing the conversion rate. 

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