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Planning a Winning SEO Strategy - 7 Step Guide with Examples

How to plan an SEO strategy that always works? As inbound marketers, we always look for the best SEO strategies to put into place in order to generate the maximum ROI for our clients. Some strategies fail while others give us excellent results. What is common in all those winning strategies that can be applied to each and every site so as to get a formula for SEO success?
Well, in this post, I will present my thoughts on planning a successful SEO strategy by carefully implementing 7 steps.
1-Understand Business Objectives and Derive KPI’s
Every business thrives on certain objectives. As internet marketers and search engine optimizers, our only purpose is not only to understand how search engine works, but also to understand what the business owner expects from our work. The measurement of success can be different for different business owners. Hence, it becomes necessary to identify the business objectives and derive properKPI (Key Performance Indicators) before any SEO strategy is plann…