Friday, September 5, 2014

Adwords Launches Callout Extensions to Display Unique Offers

Adwords recently launched the call out extensions to enable advertisers display unique offers on their ads. The callout ad extension will now enable you to include additional text with your search ads (upto 4 can be included) that provide unique offerings of your business. This will directly affect your Ad Rank and CTR score. Callouts appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results. 

How to Create a Callout?

1- Choose the campaign you'd like to add the extension to.
2- Now, click on the Ad extensions tab.
3- From the View drop-down menu, choose the callout extensions tab.
4- Click the New button and enter the new callout text in the window that appears.
5- Click Save.
6- Select devices where you wish to display the callouts or choose all devices for displaying in all devices.
7- Click Save.

Ad with callout extensions highlighted in red

Some Important Points

Please note that there should be a mminimumof 2 callouts per account, campaign, or ad group for your ad to be eligible to show with callouts. You can create upto 4 callouts with 25 characters each. Google will choose to display at least 2 or maximum 4 callouts with your ads. The final decision for displaying callouts with your ads rests with Google so don't get amazed if you are unable to see callouts with your ads. 

Callouts are a part of ad extensions and hence they are a part of Ad rank formula that is used to determine the relevance of an ad. Higher ad rank leads to higher ad position at a lesser bid. They also lead to a higher conversion rate. Callouts can get display with other ad extensions as well.

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