Friday, September 12, 2014

Google Might Replace Second Line of Ad Text With Ad Extensions For Mobile Ads

Starting October 15th, 2014, Google might not display the second line of ad text for mobile ads and instead display relevant ad extensions like the location, callouts and sitelinks in order to increase user engagement. This decision was taken because Google wants people to engage with the ads. Site extensions might help to increase CTR as opposed to ad descriptions. 

Consider the example below:

The ad on the left side contains 2nd line of ad description while the ad on the right side contains an additional ad extension that is the location extension. In the 2nd ad, the customers are given the opportunity to engage with the business via 3 ways:

  • Customers can visit the mobile website
  • Customers can instantly place an order with the order online now callout extension
  • or customers can get directions to visit the store

What is Important for Advertisers?

For advertisers, it is very important to understand that the first line of ad text is of prime priority. All the potential keywords should be added on the first line of ad text in order to increase quality score and relevancy.

Also, addition of ad extensions can increase user engagement and CTR so it should be used for every campaign. A minimum of 4 ad extensions should be added within every ad group including the newly launched callout extensions that helps to initiate direct user actions. All these might affect the overall ad rank which in turn will improve your ad position in the search results. 

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