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Google Rolls Out Benchmarking Reports in Analytics

How about comparing your website’s performance to that of your industry peers? Yes, that's what benchmarking reports does in Google Analytics. It lets you compare your data with aggregated industry data from other companies who have mutually agreed to share their business data with Google. Gaining access to this data provides valuable context, helping you to set meaningful targets, gain insight into trends occurring across your industry, and helps you to compare your site performance with that of your competitors. 

Where Can I Access The Benchmark Reports?

To access the Benchmarking reports, go to Audience > Benchmarking in the left navigation (in the Reporting section).

How Much Data is Included?

Around 1600 industry categories are included which you can further refine by geographic location and select from seven traffic size classifications, allowing you to compare your property against properties with similar traffic levels in your industry. 

How to Enable Benchmarking in Your Account?

Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
Click Admin at the top of any Google Analytics screen.
Under ACCOUNT, click Account Settings.
Select the “Anonymously with Google and others” checkbox.
Click Save.

By default, this setting is automatically checked so no need to worry about this.

What is the Best Part of Benchmarking Report?

Probably the best part is the heat map feature that makes it easy to see areas of strength and opportunity, and where to devote more resources.

You might not see this report in your analytics dashboard right now because it's yet not included. The roll out will take a few weeks after which you can see the benchmarking reports in your dashboard.

Happy analyzing with Benchmarking.

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