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Google Launches Mobile Usability Section Under Webmasters Tools

The manner in which mobile search is growing, Google is forced to take actions and plan product enhancements in favor of the growing mobile audience. Google has launched the Mobile Usability section under Webmasters Tools to allow webmasters find relevant information as to how they can make their site mobile friendly. This section will list issues that will help you to fix mobile usability issues for your pages.
Where to Find Mobile Usability in GWT?
The Mobile Usability section is found under the Search Traffic section. 

5 Essential Parameters That Every Mobile Site Must Have
If you wish to have a user-friendly mobile website then make sure to fulfill the below listed 5 parameters:
1- A well defined viewing area (or viewport) that adjusts to the device’s screen size. Best approach is to have a responsive website.
2- Content should be displayed in the main viewing area without the need to scroll horizontally or pinch the screen in order to see the entire page.
3- Fonts should scale as expect…

SEO is Costlier - 10 Reasons Why Your SEO Budget Shouldn't Be Less Than $2000 Per Month

SEO is getting difficult and costlier. Gone are the times when you can easily create 1000's of backlinks from FFA sites in order to increase your backlink count and ultimately rankings. Keyword stuffing no longer works nor having keywords in the domain name. So, why are the business owners still thinking twice before spending big money on SEO? SEO has become smarter. An intelligent and creative person who possess excellent analytical ability with a great sense of forecast will win the game for SEO. And those abilities do not come under $150 a month? For those of you who are still trusting people who guarantee SEO under $150 a month are surely spammers or do not know the real meaning of SEO.

Here, I give you 10 reasons as to why you should spend at least $2000 per month for SEO:

1- Domain Analysis and Competitor Analysis Needs Expertise

See: Domain Authority and Its Impact on Search Results, Expert Competitor Analysis

2- Link Analysis Needs Time and Expertise Both

See: Cleaning Up Your …

Penguin 3.0 Update Strikes - Put On Your Natural Backlink Protection Shield

Google has updated the Penguin once again but this time it took around 12 months for Google to refresh this webspam update. 
Google has earlier told that refreshing Penguin is not an easy task so we might expect a little delay in penguin refreshes as compared to its companion Panda which keeps on updating often. Panda loves to get refreshed soon, isn't it?

So folks, check your rankings once again and see whether your rankings are stable? If not, then make sure to get your natural backlink protection shield up. Penguin loves natural backlinks, zero spam backlinks and authoritative high trusted seed backlinks. On the other hand, it hates FFA backlinks, spammy backlinks and low quality unnatural backlinks. Which side are you on?
If you haven't really done your complete backlink analysis yet then it's time for you to do so. Remember to follow the Google's link building guidelines to keep your website safe from the after affects of the Penguin update.
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What To Do If You…

5 Astonishing Ways How Images And Psychology Can Double or Triple Conversion Rates

"Images are worth a thousand words", you must have heard about this saying from a long time but the new saying that I would like you all to consider is "Images can make or break conversions". Very few people realize this fact that Images can provide a psychological boost on the minds of your customer and let them decide whether to buy your services/products or not? Marketing is nothing but psychology i.e. taking actions after reading your customers minds. If you don't know the tactics that makes your customer believe in your services, you are doing your marketing WRONG.
How can an image help in increasing conversions? Here are 5 awesome tactics to prove that!
1- Hit the Emotional Side of Consumers - Make Them Believe In Your Provantage
Consumers aren't interested about the technical aspect of your product or how it works. They are interested in knowing how your product can help in improving their lives. Whether it can bring money or ease up their tasks? Yes, a…

Macro and Micro Conversions for Online Selling (E-commerce) Stores - Are You Tracking Them Correctly?

Online ecommerce stores, think of Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Myntra etc..all are created with one main purpose and that is to sell products online and to generate profits ($$$$) in return. The primary goals for such websites would be:
To get as much traffic on the site as possible in order to get more orders-- ($$)To sell as many products per hour as possible-- ($$)To constantly increase revenue-- ($$)To constantly increase the average profit per order-- ($$)
Every goal talks about conversion in monetary terms, isn't it?
Now, this is where most of the businesses can go wrong. Remember, revenue generation is the ultimate destination but the path taken by the customer in order to reach that destination should also be considered when measuring conversions. Macro conversions is your ultimate destination where you generate profit in monetary terms while micro conversions are those little tid-bits that users often get engaged with in order to reach the end of sale. 

Cool...but a successful ent…

Unleash The Power of Custom Affinity Audiences in Adwords to Reach New Customers

Affinity audiences are a great way to reach new customers across the web. Google Adwords allows brands to reach 80 unique lifestyle segments based on Interest Categories and Demographics. Now, with the latest introduction of Custom Affinity Audiences, brands have the full power to choose which segments to target. Affinity audiences is one of the best ways for the brands to reach audience at scale based on their interests – such as green living, fashion, or travel.

Electronic Arts created 32 custom affinity audiences, one per NFL team, to reach fans of specific teams with display ads powered by custom affinity segmentation. 

From hardcore gamers, to foodies, to luxury shoppers, you can reach your set of ideal customers. Segmentation is the core variable that can impact ROI and affinity audience targeting is an excellent way to segment and target niche audiences that can directly raise your revenue.

How to Expertly Use Affinity Audiences:

Affinity audiences can help you increase awareness o…

Google Toolbar PageRank (TBPR) Dead But Real is Still Alive!

Google's John Mueller hinted in one of the videos that Google won't be updating any toolbar PageRank in future. This news comes as a shock because earlier Matt Cutts had said that Google will continue to support toolbar PageRank. It seems Google is taking decisions faster than before. Another SEO metric that provided a subtle hint about the quality of a webpage is gone. 

Many of us may have noticed that the PageRank of several sites were not updating since the past few months. Now, we know the reason for it, Google has stopped updating TBPR. There was a time when Google used to update TBPR every 3 months and before DA (Domain Authority), this was the only metric for SEO's to judge the quality of a webpage. But, slowly and gradually, this metric was losing importance and Google didn't wanted webmasters to focus their efforts on increasing TBPR.
Google PageRank FAQ's
Has Google Dropped Page Rank From Their Algorithm?
No. Google still uses Page Rank in its core ranking al…

Title Generator - Secret to Create Great Titles in Seconds!

Who else spends hours together thinking for a catchy title that can go viral? How about getting a title for your next blog post or an article in seconds? It's no joke, you can get an amazing title in seconds with the help of the title generator tool.
Here is a screenshot for the tool when asked to suggest titles on the topic "Digital Marketing":
Some best titles suggested by this tool are: 
Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Digital Marketing 5 Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why Digital Marketing? It's Easy If You Do It Smart Why Most Digital Marketing Fail The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing etc.
Great isn't it? Remember, titles catch the attention of the reader and may help in getting more visitors on your site, decrease the bounce rate and increase the time on page. Superior topic titles spellbound the user to listen to your business. 

I hope you got my point here.

How Google Might Determine Site Quality Based on Phrase Model

Panda updates are hitting low quality sites hard and webmasters are confused what type of content should they produce in order to get better visibility for their websites on Google. Site content has always been the basic deciding factor for ranking websites as it directly satisfies the search query. If the content on your site exactly matches the "user intent" then you have better chances of high rankings. But, the problem happens because of rising competition, with so much content being  produced on a wide scale and with every SEO strategy demanding the use of content, the question arises as to "where are we going in terms of content creation" and "how can we better produce content that serves a purpose rather than being a scheduled requirement".

In earlier days, webpages written around a particular topic were fewer as compared to today where large sets of data compete against each other in order to satisfy the demands of the users. Google is having a har…