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Google Launches Mobile Usability Section Under Webmasters Tools

The manner in which mobile search is growing, Google is forced to take actions and plan product enhancements in favor of the growing mobile audience. Google has launched the Mobile Usability section under Webmasters Tools to allow webmasters find relevant information as to how they can make their site mobile friendly. This section will list issues that will help you to fix mobile usability issues for your pages.

Where to Find Mobile Usability in GWT?

The Mobile Usability section is found under the Search Traffic section. 

5 Essential Parameters That Every Mobile Site Must Have

If you wish to have a user-friendly mobile website then make sure to fulfill the below listed 5 parameters:

1- A well defined viewing area (or viewport) that adjusts to the device’s screen size. Best approach is to have a responsive website.

2- Content should be displayed in the main viewing area without the need to scroll horizontally or pinch the screen in order to see the entire page.

3- Fonts should scale as expected across various devices for easier reading on small screens.

4- Easy-to-touch elements (e.g., buttons) that are well-spaced from other touch elements. They should not overlap with each other. They should not be so close to each other so that the mobile user cannot easily tap a desired element with their finger without also tapping a neighboring element.

5- Visual design and motion driven by mobile-friendly technology. More help can be found here: 

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