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SEO is Costlier - 10 Reasons Why Your SEO Budget Shouldn't Be Less Than $2000 Per Month

SEO is getting difficult and costlier. Gone are the times when you can easily create 1000's of backlinks from FFA sites in order to increase your backlink count and ultimately rankings. Keyword stuffing no longer works nor having keywords in the domain name. So, why are the business owners still thinking twice before spending big money on SEO? SEO has become smarter. An intelligent and creative person who possess excellent analytical ability with a great sense of forecast will win the game for SEO. And those abilities do not come under $150 a month? For those of you who are still trusting people who guarantee SEO under $150 a month are surely spammers or do not know the real meaning of SEO.

Here, I give you 10 reasons as to why you should spend at least $2000 per month for SEO:

1- Domain Analysis and Competitor Analysis Needs Expertise

See: Domain Authority and Its Impact on Search Results, Expert Competitor Analysis

2- Link Analysis Needs Time and Expertise Both

See: Cleaning Up Your Link Profile

3- Content Marketing Strategy Needs Creative Abilities

See: How to Create User Intent Based Content

4- Link Baiting Strategy Needs Creative Abilities

See: 30 Ways to Create Natural Backlinks

5- On Page Optimization Needs Technical Expertise

See: List of Meta Tags That Google Supports

6- Planning an Overall SEO Strategy Needs Experience

See: How to Plan a Winning SEO Strategy 

7- Quality SEO Copywriting Needs Technical + Creative Skills

See: SEO Content Copywriting Basics

8- Approaching Webmasters for Link Removal/ Link Baiting Needs Patience and Effective Communication Skills

See: Google Disavow Links Tool

9- Planning a Branding Strategy Needs Effective Marketing Skills

See: Reputation and Branding in SEO

10- Keeping a Site On Page #1 of Google Needs Effective Forecasting Abilities

See: Are You Making Your Site Vulnerable to Future Google Updates

Do you agree that SEO budget should be increased? Please let me know in comments below.

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