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Unleash The Power of Custom Affinity Audiences in Adwords to Reach New Customers

Affinity audiences are a great way to reach new customers across the web. Google Adwords allows brands to reach 80 unique lifestyle segments based on Interest Categories and Demographics. Now, with the latest introduction of Custom Affinity Audiences, brands have the full power to choose which segments to target. Affinity audiences is one of the best ways for the brands to reach audience at scale based on their interests – such as green living, fashion, or travel.

Electronic Arts created 32 custom affinity audiences, one per NFL team, to reach fans of specific teams with display ads powered by custom affinity segmentation. 

From hardcore gamers, to foodies, to luxury shoppers, you can reach your set of ideal customers. Segmentation is the core variable that can impact ROI and affinity audience targeting is an excellent way to segment and target niche audiences that can directly raise your revenue.

How to Expertly Use Affinity Audiences:

Affinity audiences can help you increase awareness of your brand and products, and reach new potential customers.

Preferred bidding method is cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) if your goal is branding or cost-per-engagement (CPE) if your goal is conversions.

You can use frequency capping to let AdWords know that you don't want to show your ads to a customer more than n number of times where n can be defined by you.

You can exclude topics, keywords, or placements that don't align with your brand, for brand safety.

Remember, Custom Affinity Audiences works with display network only. 

How to Choose Custom Affinity Audiences in Your Campaigns?

1- Log in to Adwords.
2- Go to Adgroups and then new adgroups.
3- Choose Interests and Marketing.
4- Now choose Affinity Audiences.

5- Save the ad group after choosing.

This is a great addition to the existing set of Adwords tools. Are you using these segmentation in your reports?

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