Thursday, November 27, 2014

Google Analytics Demos & Tools - Read FREE Resource to Unleash the Power of GA

Who else wants to do some amazing things with the help of Google Analytics but does not know how to do that? Yes, Google offers some amazing capabilities via its analytics platform but often the webmasters find it difficult to implement custom data arrangement via analytics.

Keeping this in view, Google has launched a FREE resource - Google Analytics Demos and Tools that will guide you to take full advantage of the flexibility and power of Google Analytics. It's a useful resource for users and developers to discover what's possible with the Google Analytics Platform. This information was provided by Philip Walton, Developer Programs Engineer, Google and published on the Analytics official blog.


This site offers live demos to help you learn about Google Analytics features. You can:

  • Work with demos using actual GA data.
  • Use these demos as a reference for your own implementation.
  • work with interactive elements that provide full code snippets.


You can make use of various tools to showcase how Google Analytics can be extended with custom solutions.

  • Tools are targeted at real-world use cases and solutions.
  • You can access advanced GA features without any technical help.
  • The code for this entire site is open source and available on GitHub

Ready to Explore? Then give it a try -

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