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Google Tag Assistant -Troubleshoot Incorrect Installation of GA Codes With FREE Chrome Plugin

Google Tag assistant is an awesome plugin that helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more. For large websites that gets updated frequently, we need a simpler solution to verify if the various analytics codes are working correctly. With Tag Assistant, it becomes super easy. You only need to navigate to a webpage and click on Tag Manager. It will report any errors and suggest improvements to the implementation.

The below screenshot displays the tag analysis of the popular online shopping portal Flipkart. The Tag assistant correctly identifies the different tags detected on the home page namely GA and Remarketing tags.

Get Tag Assistant Here

Have a look at the below video to learn more about the Google Tag Assistant:

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How to Measure The Value of Content On Your Website With Google Analytics

Content is the currency of the web. Content that provides high value to the visitors often brings in the maximum revenue. Here, I am talking about those websites where content plays a key role in conversions. The biggest problem that marketers face is how to measure the value of content and group them together to see which piece of content has generated the maximum revenue and vice versa. This might help them to focus more or have an increased budget for those types of content that brings in more visitors or for those content that helps to engage the visitors more ultimately adding to the brand value and conversions.

Key Google Analytics Metrics To Measure Audience Engagement

Let's discuss about the metrics that are essential to measure the value of content:

PageViews - Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page gets counted.

Unique PageViews - Unique Pageviews is the number of visits during which the specified page was viewed at least once. A un…

Google Pigeon Update Rolls Out to All English Speaking Countries Except India

Another major roll out for Google Pigeon update has taken place. This time, the update has extended beyond USA to all the English speaking locales like UK, Canada, Australia etc. Indians however have to wait for some more time because this update has yet not been rolled out in India. 

The Pigeon update has been aimed at providing a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results linking them closely to traditional web search ranking signals. It was reported that some big brands have lost 5-10% of their organic traffic post-Pigeon.
Ranking Factors That Pigeon Considers:
1- Location of the searcher (displays results only within 10-20 miles of the search location) 2- Quality of baclinks pointing to the site 3- Co-citations and References  4- Increased emphasis on Knowledge Graph 5- It overweights brand queries (EMD domains might get a boost) 6- Relevancy of Google My Business Page and careful linking of Google My Business Page with the main site URL.
Have a look at the below video for lea…

New Store Visits Metric Added Under ETC (Estimated Total Conversions) in Adwords

People react differently, some might directly visit a physical store to purchase items while some might browse online before selecting a store. This relationship between physical and online world is measured effectively by a new metric in Adwords known as the "Store Visits". This metric will let the advertisers know the percentage of in store visits that are driven by Google ads.

More than 95% of sales happen through offline stores but online activity influences the purchase behavior happening on these stores. The brands need to have a subtle presence felt online in order to drive traffic and conversions to their offline stores.

Estimated Total Conversions (ETC)

AdWords provides you insights as to how your ads influence new conversion types, such as phone calls, store visits and conversions that are completed after a customer uses more than one device or browser. A customer might locate your ad on a smartphone while traveling but he might make a purchase after he reaches hom…

Google Can Now Control Your Room Temperature!

Imagine you are out on a flight on a chilly Sunday night and feeling really cold. When you reach home, you find the room temperature to be warm and comfortable. There wasn't anyone in your room but still the room temperature became just perfect. How was that possible? Well, in a recent great technological adaption, Google along with its partnership with NEST can now control the room temperatures of your house. You only need to say "Okay Google, Set my Nest to 25 degrees" from your phone and it will be done! From cold to hot or from hot to cold, you now have the power to control the temperature of your house with your wireless device. 

Setting the right temperature at the right time is easy with Google and Nest. All you need is a Nest Thermostat and the Google app on Android or iOS. When you’re on your way home, Google will work with Nest to pre heat or cool your home to your preferred temperature. You'll also get a Now card to tell you what is happening.
Happy nesting!…

How Different Marketing Channels Affect Online Purchase Decisions? Check Yourself!

Google offers a free tool to compare the different channels of digital marketing that helps to generate conversions. For business owners, the ultimate destination is a sale and Google Analytics offers excellent custom tagging options that helps such business owners to identify the channels that are generating the maximum revenue. 

But, what if we need to find out which channels offers the maximum conversion possibilities based on specific industry and country? This will require big data processing for which we might not have sufficient resources. Now, this problem of big data analysis is resolved with Google offering a free "Customer Journey to Online Purchase" tool that helps to understand the roles these channels play, so you can better plan which channels you will use when, increasing marketing performance.
How to Use This Tool?
Visit the URL:
1- Choose business size (Large, Medium or Small) 2- Choo…

Global Ranking Score and On Site Ranking Score - How Google Might Determine Responsive Search Results?

Any search engine works by processing the search query entered by the user and returning a set of search results that matches the user intent. Search engines completes this task with the help of a collection of algorithms which are together known as Ranking algorithm. In one of the recent patents assigned to Google, it has been suggested that Google might use 2 different scores for ranking the web documents. These scores are described below:
Global Ranking Score
A global ranking score is computed for web documents/objects responsive to the search query, wherein each web object includes at least one web page from a cluster of web pages of corresponding websites. 
Implementations can include any or all of the following features. The global ranking score for a particular website is computed based on data identified without reading information from the particular website. The score is determined based on both off site and on site data. Global ranking score computation includes calculation of…

Why Digital Marketing Needs to be More Segmented in 2015

We are approaching 2015, a year that is seen as a big challenge for digital marketers. Industry gurus have already begun giving predictions as to how brands can gain more ROI by targeting the right audience at the right time and using the right channels. My own opinion rests with SEGMENTATION, I strongly believe, the best way to define your digital marketing strategy in order to generate the maximum pull is by applying the right mix of segmenting your audience using the right tools and criteria.Audience segmentation in 2015 will be the key to generate the best of the revenue.

Be it in the context of multi-channel marketing, customer segmentation is one of the most important but underlooked aspects of digital marketing strategy.

What is Customer Segmentation?

Dividing your customers into small groups based on some criteria so that targeting such refined group of audiences gives you the maximum return on investment. Segmentation can be sometimes simple but better segmentation often is a…