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Google Pigeon Update Rolls Out to All English Speaking Countries Except India

Another major roll out for Google Pigeon update has taken place. This time, the update has extended beyond USA to all the English speaking locales like UK, Canada, Australia etc. Indians however have to wait for some more time because this update has yet not been rolled out in India. 

The Pigeon update has been aimed at providing a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results linking them closely to traditional web search ranking signals. It was reported that some big brands have lost 5-10% of their organic traffic post-Pigeon.

Ranking Factors That Pigeon Considers:

1- Location of the searcher (displays results only within 10-20 miles of the search location)
2- Quality of baclinks pointing to the site
3- Co-citations and References 
4- Increased emphasis on Knowledge Graph
5- It overweights brand queries (EMD domains might get a boost)
6- Relevancy of Google My Business Page and careful linking of Google My Business Page with the main site URL.

Have a look at the below video for learning more about the Pigeon update:

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