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New Store Visits Metric Added Under ETC (Estimated Total Conversions) in Adwords

People react differently, some might directly visit a physical store to purchase items while some might browse online before selecting a store. This relationship between physical and online world is measured effectively by a new metric in Adwords known as the "Store Visits". This metric will let the advertisers know the percentage of in store visits that are driven by Google ads.

More than 95% of sales happen through offline stores but online activity influences the purchase behavior happening on these stores. The brands need to have a subtle presence felt online in order to drive traffic and conversions to their offline stores.

Estimated Total Conversions (ETC)

AdWords provides you insights as to how your ads influence new conversion types, such as phone calls, store visits and conversions that are completed after a customer uses more than one device or browser. A customer might locate your ad on a smartphone while traveling but he might make a purchase after he reaches home, this time using a browser. Here, the customer is using more than one device to complete a purchase. Similarly, any customer might see an ad on her mobile phone while locating a store in her area and might visit that store shortly making a purchase by physically visiting the store instead of purchasing it online. Such physical store purchases get missed and are not attributed to adwords. This new metric helps the advertisers to actually find out how many percentage of people are visiting their physical stores after seeing an ad online. The Estimated Total Conversions column displays the estimated conversion types, such as cross-device conversions or call conversions from ads shown on tablets and computers.

Screenshot displaying the estimated total conversions column.

Please note: You need to have conversion tracking enabled to get this data. 

How "Store Visits" Metric Might Help?

, one of the leading retailer of pet supplies, uses store visits data to improve its customer shopping experience. Based on the insights,  gained via store visits metric, it has been estimated that 10-18% of clicks on search ads lead to a store visit, PetSmart is now investing more in ads with an increased use of location extensions to show maps and directions to help people find nearby stores when they are searching for products like puppy treats or aquariums.

Currently, only selected advertisers in US have been given access to this metric. In the recent months, we can assume this data to be made available to a larger percentage of advertisers. You need to contact Google representatives in order to identify whether your business qualifies for this data or not. 

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