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Screen Tracking - Determine Which App Screens Receive The Max. User Engagement

Screen tracking is an awesome way to measure the various screens that users visit within your app. Screen view in app is the same as Page View in web. During a session, user might view lots of screens and might spend a particular time interval in each of the screen. Enabling screen taking can help any webmaster gather useful data as to which ones are the most popular, how long users stay on each screen, and how they navigate from one screen to the next. 

Screens are nothing but containers that hold interactive content. You can have different screens for different sections of the app or just a single screen. Whatever the case may be, screen tracking is vital for gaining insights that helps to boost traffic and sales.

Why Screen Tracking Is Helpful?

For example, if each level of a game used a different screen, you could easily track how many people qualified for each level. Analyzing the pattern of user drop-off might indicate that there’s a technical issue associated with a level or that a level is too hard. Similarly, you can find the screen that generates the maximum views so that might be a suitable prospect to run ads. 

A screen view consists of a single string field that will be used as the screen name in your Google Analytics reports.We can use the automatic screen measurement to start gaining data across all app views. 

You can automatically measure views as screens using the GAITrackedViewController class. Have each of your view controllers extend GAITrackedViewController, a convenience class that extends UIViewController, and provide the view name to give to the view controllers in your reports.

How to Implement Screen Tracking?

For example, suppose you have an "Game Level 1" view that you want to measure with a view controller header that looks like this:

@interface GameLevel1ViewController : UIViewController

You would update this header to say:

#import "GAITrackedViewController.h"

@interface GameLevel1ViewController : GAITrackedViewController

You must also provide the view name to be used in your Google Analytics reports. You need to edit the view controller's initializer method, if you have one, or the viewDidAppear: method:

- (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated {
  [super viewDidAppear:animated];
  self.trackedViewName = @"GameLevel1 Screen";

Screen tracking is the future. As mobile devices continues to grow, web based page views will soon become a metric of the past. Have you implemented screen tracking for your app? Which critical data is benefitting you? Please discuss with us in the comments below.

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