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Work Towards Earning Links to Increase Business, Not Google Rankings

Links, links, links...are you crazy about getting links to the client's website or for your own website??
Why? because links is one of the most important factor for ranking well on Google as the main ranking algorithm relies heavily on links. 

The result? Everyone is crazy building links...yipee!! But, think just for a second, what will happen if Google suddenly drops this factor from its search algorithm? What will happen if Google no longer considers backlinks as a major factor in its ranking algorithm? The links that you have build in your effort to manipulate the algorithm in any manner, will they be of any value?? All of your hard earned dollars will simply go into the trash with just one algo change.

Business Link Earning- The Best Strategy To Follow?

Think of earning links that can give you business, don't think of it as a lone medium to increase your search rankings. Get the word "link building" erased from your memory. "Business link earning" is the key here. Build useful content, improve your customer service, enhance your business relationships in order to earn links. Yes, this sort of business ethical link earning will require proper strategy in place and you can take the help of experienced internet marketers for this job. But, please don't rely on buying 100 odd backlinks just for the sake of rankings.

Every link that gets reflected in your link profile should not only look genuine but should be genuine in a real sense. Every link must add to the value of your brand or must give you business not higher search rankings. Hope you are getting my point here. 

Have a look at this video explaining content based link earning:

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