Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Shutting Down It's Website and Focusing on Just App To Increase Sales!

This might sound weird! One of the largest E-commerce companies in India, is planning to shut down it's website and moving ahead with their promotion with just it's shopping app. This means, no website for desktop users, no special site for mobile audience, only an app to serve the customers. This might sound scary for the investors but which acquired recently isn't scared of losing revenue with it's bold move because in the long run, it might prove an excellent sales generator. 

Myntra is set to close on May 1. How profitable is it to move ahead with an App only strategy. This is what the future awaits! Myntra has just showed us the way. For E-commerce sites to succeed in future, they need more than just a website to succeed, they need an app and that too with a strong database of users who are ready to order repeatedly with the app installed in their mobile devices.

Myntra claims that around 85 percent of all users come to the site via the app anyway, and the app helps in generating 63 percent of the overall sales. Moving ahead with an app only strategy will help the company to focus their marketing strategy only on the app and increase both the percentage count to as much as possible.

In a recent interview to NDTV, Prasad Kompalli, Myntra head told "Mobile apps are the best platform for Myntra today," says Kompalli, "as they allow you to integrate with contacts, calendar, and camera, which can be used to improve the user's experience in a number of ways."

Myntra has around 4 million monthly active users and on some days, around 90% of the traffic is generated with the help of app. These are whopping percentages and forces us to believe that people are more than satisfied to complete purchases using an app instead of a website. App shopping is convenient and easy.

(The Trio Power - Mukesh and Binny Bansal of Flipkart with Myntra head Prasad Komli) 

If you are an e-commerce provider and you don't have an app, it's time for you to think again as the users are more reluctant to shop with the help of an App.

Flipkart Might Shut Down It's Website

If the testing with it's sister site goes well in terms of revenue, Flipkart will soon go app only because in the longer run it is easy for the Indian Ecommerce giant to retain customers and increase revenue with the help of just app. It is worthy to note down that Flipkart has already shut down it's mobile website. So, is it the time to shut down the main site as well? Not now but yes they might in future. 

SEO for APP Only World

Take it or leave it - App Store Optimizers Will be in great demand in future! 

How Do Users Find Any App?

As per the Neilsen survey, App store leads the search followed by friends/family and 3rd party websites.

Hence, optimizing your apps's presence in app store matters a lot and the big difference happens in branding as the second most followed channel of app findability is through friends. It becomes necessary for app marketers to plan a suitable branding strategy for app promotion that helps to not only promote their app online but offline as well. 

Channels Used for Promoting An App

The following channels are noteworthy in app promotion:

1- App stores (Apple App Store and Google Play) app visibility organically. Best if it gets listed in the featured section.

2- Word of Mouth promotion through family and friends.

3- Advertisements in other channels of marketing like T.V., Newspapers, Radio, Billboards etc.

4- Reaching potential customers via social media.

5- Featured app review on leading 3rd party websites.

What To Take Care Of?

While Doing App Store Optimization, you need to make sure, the following factors are taken good care of:

1- App Title (Should have keywords in it (brand name+keywords is the best strategy to follow).

2- App Description (Should have keywords in it)

3- App Category (Proper category should be selected)

4- App deep linking in search results.(For more help, please see this guide

5- App keywords (Should have best keywords) 

6- Proper screenshots and if possible a demo video. (Images attract the users and having a demo video is really helpful)

7- App reviews and Ratings (The greater positive reviews, the better the chances of app download). 

8- App Icon (An awesome app icon helps to improve branding). 

What are your thoughts on the future of App Store Optimization and the need for it? Please share your comments below. 

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