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Strategy to Increase Your Brand's Social Value Using Influencer Marketing

So you are ready to give your brand a social boost? Awesome, influencer marketing is a great way to do that. Here is my strategy to increase social shares and importance of any brand. 

Head over to Buzzsumo and find out the top influencers of your industry. Study what type of tweets do they send or more importantly, what type of tweets do they retweet. 

Start Following Your Influencers and Make Them Follow Your Brand 

Once you have the idea, follow the influencer and start tweeting things they like the most. Now, mention your influencer in your tweets and sooner or later they will catch up with your brand and start following it. If they start retweeting your posts or start tweeting about your brand in their tweets, the massive influencer reputation benefit your brand will receive can make it a social superstar. 

Influencers are stars, instead of following every people, follow the superstar and all those who are following the superstar will start following you. Also, make sure to pass on some privileges to your influencer so that they are persuaded to remain connected to your brand. 

In case you fail with the above strategy then also there is no need to panic. You can make use of other strategies like interviewing your influncer, inviting the influencer for a webinar, for any offline events that you are sponsoring etc. Considering the involvement of your influencer in the events you are promoting can help to increase influencer engagement. 

Top Tools for Influencer Marketing 

In order to help you in your influencer marketing and outreach efforts, here are some great resources and tools:

Traackr - Helps you to discover the right influencers & build your influencer network.

Getlittlebird - Helps in market research, content curation, influencer outreach and social selling.

Sysomos - Rightfully called the search engine for social media.

Topsy - Helps to track social analytics, social search and social trend.

Klout - Suggests content, allows you to share the content and also measures the impact and reach of 
your content. The Klout score is one of the important metrics for judging the social popularity of any individual or social account.

Buzzsumo - One of the best tools I have used so far. Allows you to filter by content or influencers.

Onalytica - Identify content opportunities and influencers using keyword/hashtag. Easily track your ROI.

Great! I guess you have the idea. Please let me know if you have any other ideas to connect with your influencers.

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