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"QUAP-TED-LUV" Factor For Creating Quality Content

Talk about the Panda update or the recent Phantom update, all are focussed towards identifiying quality content. The "QUAP-TED-LUV" factor is the only guideline you will ever need to create quality content for your website. Whether it's Google or Bing, quality content is one of the most important factor for ranking any website on Google. Let's explore this factor and see how you can improve your rankings based on content quality.

The "QUAP" Factor

Quality - The content should be unique and high quality. It should be created to provide a good user experience. It should serve the intent of the user. It should not be mass produced and must not be based solely on keywords geared towards improving the rankings of the website. It should not have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations.
Useful -Think about how you can make your content more useful for your own custom audience. If you are a…

Google Phantom 2 Update Strikes - WARNING - Major Issues That Might Penalize Your Website

Phantom 2 update is a sitewide update that affects the entire domain as compared to only affecting the low quality pages. This means, sites getting affected by this update might loose a bulk of traffic overnight causing decline in conversions and profits.

Why It's Called the Phantom Update?
This update is called the Phantom update because it launches itself silently and punishes the websites heavily making them lose bulk of traffic & conversions overnight.
When Did it Happened?
The Phantom update happened on April, 29th, 2015 but no official announcement has been given by Google.
Major Players Who Lost Rankings in the Phantom 2.0 Update
Lost traffic by around 2,133,386.
Lost traffic by around 54,020.
Lost traffic by around 67,907
Lost traffic by around 38,748

Major Players Who Gained Rankings in the Phantom 2.0 Update
Gained traffic by around 2,952,174
Gained traffic by around 246,777

Top Issues That Might Penalize Your Site 
1- Phan…

Google Rich Answer Box Ranking Factors - How to Rank Your Site for "How-to" Related Queries on Google?

"How-to" queries comprise of a larger portion of daily search queries for Google. If we are able to rank our site for "How-to" style queries based on our niche then it can help us to divert extra traffic to our site making more way for conversions.
An example of an "How-to" query can be "how to tie shoelaces" where Google displays a set of steps to answer the question searched by the user. Such type of answer display is called as the "Rich Answer Box". A screenshot for this can be seen below:

Rich Answer Boxes started displaying in June 2014. Some display complete answers while others display incomplete answers as marked by a “…”. The above example is actually an incomplete answer and is marked by a "...".
In the above example, URL from kidspot is ranking on the number 1 spot. What does that mean? This means, Google considers the information provided by Kidspot to accurately satisfy the intent of the user. For Kidspot, this mean…

Checklist For Building Your Best Display Ad

How can you build the best display ad that helps to generate the maximum engagement and ROI? Display advertisement from Google lets you create text, image, interactive and video ads in order to reach the maximum targeted audience. 
This post explores the top 20 checklist for making every display marketing campaign a success
Best Practices for Building the Best Display Ad
1- Identify the main purpose of your image ad. Do you wish to increase traffic, increase conversions, retarget the customers or upsell your products? Every purpose will require a different ad based on the user persona.
2- Use dynamic ads wherever possible as this helps to increase your return on engagement.
3- Use high quality images that helps to attract the users. Color combination and the CTA text plays an important role. Make sure that the ads you create matches the look and feel of your website. Customers should be able to clearly figure that the ad is of a particular brand. 
4- Deliver the right message to your targ…

Facebook's New Add a Link Feature A Threat to Google?

Social networking giant, Facebook is looking to cut down the time the users are spending on Google. The new in-app search engine of Facebook will allow users to post links in a status update without having to visit Google. This feature is still in the testing process. The below screenshot displays it.
As per this new feature, whenever any user will type in a search term on FB, a drop down list of links will appear. The user will be able to preview what is on that website and then share the link easily. This will cut down the extra visit to Google in search for links and allow FB to keep the users on its app.
Facebook already has more than one trillion indexed user posts. The new  add a link functionality seems to provide a more advanced display of Facebook’s search feature by focusing on links to other content online.
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Search Analytics Report in GWT - Measure Your Site's Performance in Google More Accurately

The Search Analytics report is a great way to determine the performance of your website in Google. It displays how often your site appears in Google search results. You can group the data by clicks, impressions, CTR, positions or by queries, pages, countries, devices and search type.  It has replaced the older "Search Queries" report.

Where Can You Find The Search Analytics Report?
This new report can be found under the "Search Traffic" section in the Google Webmasters Tools.

What Can You See in the Report?
It helps you to determine for how many Google searches is your site ranking. It displays clicks, impressions, CTR and the current position of the top pages on your website.
How to Change Metrics?
To change the metrics shown, select one or more metric checkboxes, such as clicks or impressions, at the top of the report. See Choosing which metrics to display.
How Can You Group Your Data?
You can group your data by query, page, country, device, search type and date. Just cl…