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Checklist For Building Your Best Display Ad

How can you build the best display ad that helps to generate the maximum engagement and ROI? Display advertisement from Google lets you create text, image, interactive and video ads in order to reach the maximum targeted audience. 

This post explores the top 20 checklist for making every display marketing campaign a success

Best Practices for Building the Best Display Ad

1- Identify the main purpose of your image ad. Do you wish to increase traffic, increase conversions, retarget the customers or upsell your products? Every purpose will require a different ad based on the user persona.

2- Use dynamic ads wherever possible as this helps to increase your return on engagement.

3- Use high quality images that helps to attract the users. Color combination and the CTA text plays an important role. Make sure that the ads you create matches the look and feel of your website. Customers should be able to clearly figure that the ad is of a particular brand. 

4- Deliver the right message to your targeted audience based on the different stages of the purchase funnel.

5- Always follow the image ad guidelines as suggested by Google.

6- Highlight your USP (Unique selling point) on the ads. Including prices, promotional offers like FREE delivery or COD helps users to take actions.

7- Try to animate your messages but do not overdo them. Also, include your main logo in every frame.

8- Ensure that your messages are delivered to your audience. Keep your text and images complementary and visually balanced.

9- Ensure that every frame has a big Call to Action button to help you deliver the maximum positive impact from your ads.

10- The content on the landing pages (both facts and offers) must match the message on your ads. 

11- Create 3-4 ad variations and try them in your high volume ad groups with different messages and images to help you find the best possible combination.

12- Test your ads on a constant basis in order to improve conversion and ROI.

13- Rotate your ads and keep them fresh.

14- When using image formats, upload in HD sizes and be sure to include at least 300x250, 728x90, and 160x600Specifying on ads in these 3 dimensions helps to fill up more placements for your ad bringing in more conversions and traffic.

15- Adding photos of people always helps to boost the performance of your ad. 

16- Using green color increases clicks, red helps in audience attention while orange persuades the audience to take action.

17- Add a level of urgency by including CTAs like “only a few left” can encourage immediate action.

18- Make sure to show your image ads on all sorts of mobile devices, including smartphones, feature phones, and tablets.

19- Don't hesitate to try out special discounts aimed at your loyal customers. 

20- Get rid of extra punctuation in your ads and simplify it as much as possible.

Do you have any other idea for building the best display ad? Please share with us in the comments below.

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