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Search Analytics Report in GWT - Measure Your Site's Performance in Google More Accurately

The Search Analytics report is a great way to determine the performance of your website in Google. It displays how often your site appears in Google search results. You can group the data by clicks, impressions, CTR, positions or by queries, pages, countries, devices and search type.  It has replaced the older "Search Queries" report.

Where Can You Find The Search Analytics Report?

This new report can be found under the "Search Traffic" section in the Google Webmasters Tools.

What Can You See in the Report?

It helps you to determine for how many Google searches is your site ranking. It displays clicks, impressions, CTR and the current position of the top pages on your website.

How to Change Metrics?

To change the metrics shown, select one or more metric checkboxes, such as clicks or impressions, at the top of the report. See Choosing which metrics to display.

How Can You Group Your Data?

You can group your data by query, page, country, device, search type and date. Just click on the checklist as displayed in the below screenshot and you are done.

How Can You Filter the Data?

To create a filter, click the drop-down under a category to specify a filter OR Click a row on the table below the chart to filter by the selected grouping value.

How to Compare Different Group Values?

Choose Compare in the drop-down under a grouping selection.

Where is the Old Search Queries Report Gone? Can I Still Access the Data?

You can still access the old search queries data but that will remain live for 3 more months only. 

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