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Another Google Core Search Algorithm Update

June 16th saw a huge spike in terms of ranking changes and Google at last confirmed it that it was a core ranking algorithm change. It was not Panda, nor Penguin and not even related to any HTTPS change. This was a regular algorithm change and is one of the 100+ changes that Google makes every year to its core search algorithm.

This is what Google said to SEL:

"This is not a Panda update. As you know, we’re always making improvements to our search algorithms and the web is constantly evolving. We’re going to continue to work on improvements across the board."

Many webmasters have experienced traffic changes on their websites during the period (June 16 - June 19th) and some of them are still experiencing it.

Did you noticed any changes in your website's traffic? Please share with us in the comments below.

You can have a look at this English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout where John Mueller sheds some light that this update was not Panda:

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Google's PLA Ads Will Now Feature a Buy Button

Google is planning to launch a buy button in it's shopping ads. This news was given by Google's chief business officer Omid Kordestani.

The new Buy Button has been planned to help the users buy more things online. Some 90 percent of commerce is still offline. Also, users find it difficult to process order online because either the steps involved are too many or the design lacks proper usage of CTA elements. To reduce this friction and to enable users to purchase more, Google will directly display the buy button. This button will allow the users to quickly purchase the items and help the advertisers effectively analyze their ROI from Google shopping ads. 

With these buy buttons, Google is giving a direct threat to its major shopping rivals, Amazon and Ebay. Under this system, shoppers who click on the ads on their phones will be directed to a Google webpage to make a purchase of that single item. This will provide a seamless and uniform shopping experience for the shoppers.

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