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GetResponse vs. MailChimp - What’s The Smart Communicator’s Choice?

Both GetResponse and MailChimp are amazing email service providers which manage your online email list. From scheduled emailing service to newsletter templates, everything is available with these mailing services. However, where should you put your trust when it comes to managing all your email communication? We’ve got the answer; however, before we find out find out as to what separated the good from the great, let’s have a quick look at the awesome benefits that these services deliver-

•You can design and use newsletter templates containing photos, brand logos and custom graphics.

•Assign automated responses to subscribers on your mailing list.

•Use web forms to import and create mailing lists for your followers and subscribers.

Now, here is a comparative analysis to help you find the better of the two-


To start off with let us take a closer look at the main features of MailChimp.

1.Manage your subscriber profiles- This is a free mailing service which allows you to create a profi…