Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Can Emotional IQ Really Help with Online Marketing?

EI or Emotional Intelligence has been a hot topic among workers and business owners alike. Companies are beginning to focus on emotional intelligence as one of the factors they consider when choosing people to fill managerial positions. 

According to studies complied by the University of Maryland, people with high EI are better able to resolve conflict and handle the emotions of others. For business owners wanting to perform effective internet marketing, emotional intelligence is actually a handy skill to have. You can understand customers better, accept criticism more positively and gain so much from an audience when you have a high level of emotional intelligence. 

You can also see signs and gain a lot of insight from non-verbal communications as well as online feedback. Be sure to read the Emotional IQ and You infographic by the University of Maryland for more info. 

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Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Google Analytics Hacks You Wish You Had Known

Every year, digital marketers are on the lookout for the latest secrets to tackle social media marketing to help grow their business. Google Analytics is one such tool that can change the way you track your goals. Many universities offers courses to become Master of Science in Analytics. Whether it’s understanding your customer’s shopping trends or attempting to calculate your return on investment (ROI), here are 5 ways, you can utilize GA services to provide an accurate image of your website. 

Hack #1. Utilize the Annotation Tool to Make Quick Notes

It’s important to make a note of useful information while browsing other websites. Having a messy desk with sticky notes isn’t exactly a reliable way to store data. The GA Annotation tool ensures you can quickly make a note of something and keep a track of it. Simply click on the related graph on GA and choose “Create a new annotation”, from here you can add as many notes as you please.

Hack #2. Customize Real-time alerts to Monitor Changes

Everyone likes to monitor a new project or website during the first few weeks. However, it becomes quite a chore to constantly keep up with the changes. To ensure that you are alerted on important events, simply locate “Custom Alerts” under ‘Personal Tools & Assets’ and instruct the tool as per your needs. You will begin to receive alerts through e-mail or messages. 

Hack #3. Add Useful Widgets to your Dashboard

The default GA dashboard interface comes with certain widgets that show metrics and analysis on key data points. All this information may be of little use to your business and you may like to add more crucial charts. By choosing ‘Add Widget’ you can choose the desired type of information that you would like to track and create a custom dashboard that is personalized to your taste. 

Hack #4. Exclude Tracking Yourself 

As website owners, we all visit our sites to ensure everything is working as it should. Although, it’s nice to debug and update our websites often, it can create a mess as far as tracking your analytics is concerned. To filter yourself from the incoming traffic, select Admin > All Filters > Add New Filter, input your IP address and any shared ones. Your analytics will now exclude you from your website’s traffic.

Hack #5. Understand your Audience & Their Choices

Knowing the geographical location of your best customers can enable you to target your products better. Google Analytics lets you see this information from the ‘Audience’ section’ of the tool. Various information such as most searched terms, session duration, bounce rate, etc. can be acquired by looking at the ‘Behaviour’ option on the menu bar and choosing the ‘Site Search’ from the drop down menu. 

While many people are aware of the power of Google Analytics, only a small percentage of them use it efficiently. The GA hacks above can help you make intelligent decisions to understand your social media analytics better. It will enable you to represent your business at a modern level of digital marketing. 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO By Using Virtual Reality and AI

Virtual Reality is the technology that mimics actual reality. A massive shift in technology is taking place involving the usage of both Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

VR uses technologies to generate sounds, images and other sensations that stimulates the senses of humans just like a real environment. Similarly, AI is a technology that helps to produce intelligent machines that are capable of perceiving the environment and taking actions accordingly. AI is divided into 3 types as explained below:
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Think of a robot beating an opponent in chess).
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): This of a robot who is capable of performing almost all the functions just like the humans do.
  • Artificial Super intelligence (ASI): Think of a machine that has higher capabilities of executing functions that are beyond the capacity of a normal human being.

Now, how does that going to affect Search Engine Optimization? Well, it has started to change SEO faster than you might think.
Here are 5 great ways through which you can boost your current SEO strategy by implementing AI and Virtual Reality in it:

1- Make Use of Regression Analysis to Identify Underlying Ranking Factors

Regression analysis (RA) estimates the relationship among variables and is a core part of data science. RA involves the usage of machine learning (AI) to accurately predict an algorithm’s shift.

Google’s RankBrain algorithm uses AI to determine which sub-algorithm (like PageRank, Schema Data, Meta Title Information, Page Content etc.) to use for predicting the importance of a web page based on the user search query.
While doing competitor analysis, it is recommended to perform a regression analysis on the sites that are ranking on the first page of Google. This will help you to easily predict the underlying factors or sub-algorithms that are causing the shift in the search results. This is opposed to the old-house SEO rule of simply relying on major factors like links and content.
For example on a particular niche, Google might give more importance on the Meta Title tags while less on links while for other niches it might rely heavily on page content. Whichever niche you are promoting, first perform a Regression Analysis and identify all the factors that are causing the flux in the search results. This will certainly help you to rank your site better.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. There are several benefits of marketing on YouTube and if you are able to integrate your current video marketing strategy with an enhanced focus on video storytelling then you will instantly notice an increase in the level of engagement.
In his TED talk, Joe Sabia unleashed the importance that storytelling holds for a business. Instead of sharing boring stories over social media, you can create stunning and entertaining stories which the users will cherish more. Moreover, you can couple it up with 360 degree videos to make them go viral.
Consider an example when any user types the query “how much time will a pasta take to cook”. Google needs an answer to it so it will look for the Schema data present on the website. In case, the schema data about cooking time isn’t available, it becomes harder for Google to judge the exact time. Hence, if you are using schema data for all the search query variations that your targeted audience would be searching for, you have every chances to get your site promoted in the search results.  
Similarly, implementing AMP pages on your site will allow Google to promote your site’s search rankings when the user is searching using a mobile device.

2- Leverage Particle Swarm Intelligence to Guess the Individual Weighings of Scoring Algorithms

Particle Swarm Intelligence is a population based optimization technique based on the social behavior of bird flocking. With the help of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization), SEO’s are able to correlate search factors and guess the weightings of individual ranking factors.  The PSO algorithm is used to correlate known results, like Google’s US results. All the other activities like the ON page and Off page factors are adjusted accordingly as per the corelated factors. This method, if done correctly can produce some significant results. 

3- Incorporate Video Storytelling and Get More Social Engagements

Search is incomplete without involving social media and blog. One needs to understand how to blog smartly in order to generate the maximum engagement. Sharing blog posts across social media is necessary. It is important to judge the level of engagement a post receives on social media in order to better understand the value of the content. Google interprets and identifies a social share to each search result before it ranks them. Video storytelling is indeed a great way to improve your SEO as it helps to get maximum social shares.

4- Implement Rich Snippets and AMP Pages to Help Google Prioritize Your Website in the Search Results 
Google is constantly trying to improve its search algorithm with the power of AI. In the near future, Google will be able to determine which pages of a particular website should be made available to the user based on the device they are using for their search. As, search engine optimizers, we need to help Google to easily locate the information the user is asking.

5- Stick Within Your Linking Neighborhood as Irrelevant Back links Will Activate Penguin While Relevant Links Will Boost Visibility

Google is easily able to identify the type and quality of backlinks acquired within a particular niche with the help of its RankBrain algorithm. Hence, any site that is found to have irrelevant backlinks might be pushed down by incorporating the Penguin algorithm. Contrary to that, site that is constantly acquiring niche links from reputable resources might be promoted further up in the search results. 
A smart SEO will always combine the power of Virtual Reality and AI in order to improve the performance of the campaign. Have you started using AI in your marketing strategy? Please let me know in the comments below.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Google Migrating to Mobile First Indexing - Here Are The Steps You Need to Take!

Google has started migrating on mobile first indexing meaning it will give priority to mobile pages getting indexed and ranked first as opposed to a desktop first indexing a system that Google currently follows. This system of desktop first indexing and ranking is slowly getting replaced and mobile pages are becoming a priority. 

What Does This Means?

  • Google will now use mobile as the primary index and desktop as the secondary index for ranking webpages.
  • Sites will rank on keywords that are optimized for mobile sites as opposed to desktop sites. This change is very slow so you might not notice immediately but in the near future, webpages and keywords optimized for mobile will rank higher and those optimized for desktop will remain to lose their visibility.

This certainly means, you need to make some technical changes in order to enable your website to continue ranking high on the search results. 

Guidelines for Webmasters to  Have a Mobile-Focussed Index

1- Ensure to have the primary content and markup equivalent across desktop and mobile. You can do so by having a responsive site and proper markup where the site content does not change as per the user agent. In case, you have different desktop and mobile versions then follow the below steps:

2- Optimize the overall speed of the site. This can be done by minimizing codes, leveraging browser caching, optimizing images and reducing redirects.

3- Ensure that the Title and description tags are not too long as mobile screens have less space. Longer title tags will look ugly and important keywords will lose their importance. This is somewhat tricky situation but it needs to be done and yes very smartly. 

4- Optimize your site content for mobile devices. Refer to this guide for more information. 

Here is a video from Braindrop where Marketing Engineer Tanner Sifferath shares Google's new emphasis for indexing search results and why a responsive site matters more than ever: 

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Monday, November 14, 2016

The New Google Interface Might Have "Settings" and "Tools" As 2 New Labels

Google is constantly changing its user interface in order to make it more user friendly. During it's routine test runs, a new search interface was noticed as displayed in the below screenshot:

This new search interface has 2 new labels namely "Settings" and "Tools". In the current interface (as displayed in the below screenshot), there is a gear icon that has a drop down containing the search settings option. The new interface is more user friendly as many users remain unaware about the search settings label being hidden inside the gear icon. 

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Google's New Pixel Phone and What it Means For Mobile SEO?

Google’s new Pixel phone comes preloaded with Google assistant, the successor to Google Now. Check out why we think Google Pixel and its voice search will change mobile SEO as we know it. 

The Google Pixel is poised to make a big splash in the upcoming holiday battle for smartphone supremacy.

It’s the search giant's first significant move in the smartphone market since the introduction of the Nexus phone line.

Critics are praising the Pixel, and coming away especially impressed with Google assistant; Google’s replacement for the Google Now platform.

Google is calling it, the “next evolution” of Google search, indicating serious confidence in the future of voice search.

Though, it’s not surprising to see voice search hailed as the next big thing. After all, both Apple and Amazon are pushing their own voice assistants.

Based on the market trends, it’s a safe assumption that voice assistants are catching on fast.

Their growing popularity has us wondering what effect they’ll have on traditional text search. 

If people are moving away from text search in favor of voice assistants, will mobile SEO techniques change? We believe they will.

How, we’re not exactly sure. Though we do have our own theories. 

Let’s take a look at what we can say with confidence is likely to happen in the mobile SEO world as voice assistants gain traction.

Website Visibility May Decrease
Voice search and text search work differently.

Google assistant is aimed at functioning as your virtual assistant. This means interacting in human like ways. 

It won’t return a list of answers, but rather the “best” answer in a conversational tone. This means your website isn’t likely to appear every time Google assistant returns an answer.

In fact, it probably won’t return nearly as much as it currently does, due to Google’s new emphasis on local search results.

The Possum update showed us that local search is a major part of Google’s strategy moving forward, and their local shift makes sense.

Mobile search analysis has shown that 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines. Of these consumers, 88 percent admitted to making these local searches on their smartphone.

Location based SEO is likely to become a vital new strategy, if only to comply with Google's new love for local search.

What Do Users Want?
We just mentioned that Google is focusing their voice assistant strategy on local search.

Bing explains why, revealing that half of voice searches have local intent. We know, Google isn’t Bing, but consumer intent doesn’t vary much across identical platforms.

So how do you cater to local search results?

Luckily for us, Google already runs a program that lets local businesses improve their SEO.

They call it, Google My Business.

You provide Google with basic information users want; street address, phone number, web address, and store hours.

Google then draws from the information and combines it with accurate gps results to return voice search answers.

The more relevant information Google has on your business, the better chance of returning in a voice search.

Paid Results Are Dead?!?
We sure hope so.

It’s too early to tell, but Google assistant doesn’t look like a platform that paid search results will translate to.

Again, the nature of voice search and text search are too different. 

Google assistant will return the best result to answer your question. Paid search results would effectively negate the need for organic traffic.

If paid results will always return above organic traffic, large companies will simply outbid small business for results.

We don’t think Google will go this route, but it’s something worth monitoring as voice search evolves.

All signs point to voice search sticking around for the long haul. We’re ok with this, and think the potential for voice assistants to revolutionize mobile SEO is fascinating.

However, the evolution of search makes it all the more important to monitor mobile SEO and stay one step ahead of the competition.

(This post is contributed by Nick Rojas

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to Have a Mobile Optimized, Festive Friendly Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most ROI friendly channels of online marketing. We all need a mobile optimized email marketing strategy in order to generate the best returns on investment. 

Today’s mobile consumer base are constantly checking their mobile phones to track emails. There was never a great time to reach the mobile savvy customers as we have now. Here is how you can have a mobile optimized, festive friendly email marketing strategy. 

How to Have Mobile Friendly Emails?

1- Keep the subject lines shorter to around 25-30 characters as most of the mobile devices displays up-to 30 characters only. 

2- Make the pre-header text attractive and click worthy and this text gets seen in the mobile devices. 

3- Use single column template in order to keep the content visible evenly irrespective of the devices. 

4- Use images sparingly in order to cut down on load times.

5- Use a single call to action so that it becomes easier for the user to decide what to do next.

6- Limit your word count as mobile users don’t read large chunks of content on a single page. Also, ensure to use your CTA button early. 

7- Avoid centering long blocks of text and use the full width of your workspace.

8- Leave enough space around CTA’s in order to make it easier for the users to click on them. 

9- Test your emails across multiple devices in order to ensure all emails open evenly.

10- Add schema markup to your emails to make them stand apart. 

How to Have Festive Friendly Email Marketing

1- Add creative and festive friendly subject lines.
2- Use festive coupon codes in the subject in order to increase the Clickthrough Rate (CTR). 

3- Send last minute gifting ideas emails.

4- Wrap up the emails into festive friendly colors but also ensure to keep the design responsive.

5- Create content that sticks to the holiday mood.

6- Provide special discount to the deals left over in the cart and send emails to the consumers to inform them about this offer.

7- Send series of emails, not one time and try to engage early with the consumers.

8- Use emotional triggers in your campaign. Have compelling content and remain innovative. 

9- Experiment with different headlines and send special festive offers emails to those who have not opened in the past.

10- Send early bird offer emails to a selected group of past customers who remained loyal.

Some Great Tools You Can Use

Getresponse: You can't imagine how simple email marketing can be until you give this tool a try! Getresponse is a nice tool to automate your marketing efforts.  It is a great email marketing software that has powerful in-built tools for email marketing success. You can build professional looking newsletters with ease and import your subscriber list easily within seconds. 

Subject Line: Perhaps, the most important part of your email marketing strategy is the subject line. This tool lets you evaluate your subject lines and assigns a score to them out of 100. The greater the score, the better performance the subject will receive. 

Tone Analyzer: This tool lets you check the tone of your email content. You can detect and interpret emotions, social tendencies, and language style cues found in text. By adjusting the content body, you can increase the overall effectiveness of your content. 

Putsmail: Another important aspect of email marketing is testing the emails for their effectiveness. With the help of this tool, you can easily check your HTML emails before sending it to your subscribers. 

That’s it! You have understood how to give a jumpstart to your email marketing in this festive season. Are you employing any other secret tactics in your marketing campaign? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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Monday, September 5, 2016

Get Automated Insights From Google On Your Mobile App

Google has launched a new stream of automated insights in its official Analytics app. This is a great improvement where webmasters will be able to see key metrics and areas where there is scope for improvement. This will reduce the overall time taken on manual data analysis in order to find out the key areas of improvement. Instead, the Google Analytics App will now send automated insights on your mobile app informing you which actions are driving more conversions so that you can continuously improve your site and increase your ROI. 

The data is available in the Assistant Screen and it lets you see key trends in just 5 minutes. Moreover as the app learns more about your business, it gets smarter and smarter. It’s available now in Google mobile app on Android and iOS, so you can easily grab insights on the go.

How it Helps?

  • Analyzes the available data to give you meaningful insights and recommendations.
  • Offers quick tips on how to improve your Google Analytics data.
  • It reacts to your feedback and adjusts itself smartly. The more you use it, the greater accuracy you will have.
  • The entire team is able to take action easily.

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The Definitive Guide to Product Bundling

An e-commerce website can drive more sales and improve conversion rate with product bundling. Under product bundling, multiple products are clustered under the same package. Consider the below screenshot to get a better understanding of it:

In the above example, the e-commerce website combined four different products to cater to one customer. It drives sales for multiple products with a minimum of marketing tactics. The amount of money saved on the purchase drives customers to make the purchase.

How to Create Product Bundles?

As per Matt, owner m2media, a creative web design company in Brisbane, "For an e–commerce business to flourish it has to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the digital world. Product bundling is the latest trend which has to be a prominent feature of services provided by a web designing company".

Align with e-commerce websites which provide with licenses and extensions to support product bundles. You can opt for:

  • WooCommerce: Provides with pre-configured as well as customized bundling option. It also supports extensions such as Product Add-ons, Name Your Price and Composite Products. Also provides with free snippets and mini-extensions for customization and improved functionality for bundles.

  • Shopify: Shopify app lets you suggest “bundle” to your customers. Customers can simple “Add bundle” to make the purchase and get discounts offered with it. Bundle suggestions are shown below along with the discount offer which a consumer searched for as shown in the picture below. Go for the free 15day trial to decide if you want to continue or not.

  • Magento: Just install the extension and rest are taken care ofg by the professionals. It provides with “Frequently Bought Together” extension with which related products are displayed in neat way as shown below:


Related products block is turned off at the time of installation.

How Product Bundling Improves Revenue Generation?

Product bundling cashes in on consumer interests by suggesting a deal that maximizes the potential of making a sale. There are many touch points throughout the buying journey of an e-commerce customer. These touch points cater to different emotions and expectations from a consumer point of view. An e-commerce enterprise can improve the conversion rate with product bundling by:

1- Making the sale with lucrative deals

Compared to a single highly priced product, bundled products seem easy on the pocket with a discount offered on the purchase. Check out the example below wherein a customer looking to buy DSLR camera is directed to bundle suggestion with a lucrative deal.

Camera and Lens pairing, in this case, is a smart choice to appeal to the consumer. For an ideal product bundling approach which we will take up later in the article, it is necessary to provide options related to the main purchase and highlight the deal by pointing out the benefits.

2- Being a part of consumer decision-making

Plan a perfect deal to influence consumer buying decision. With product bundling the consumers who turn away can be enticed to make the purchase. It is the search for products which sometimes drives the consumers away.

A clothing e-commerce store for an example bundles different product to complete the collection. To influence decision making of consumers to suggest a full collection by bundling different apparels together as shown in the picture below:

The consumer does not have to go look for what matches and what not. It makes the purchase simple and easy for the e-commerce shoppers.

3- Increasing average value order

Average order per value has a direct impact on the overall revenue generation. Average value is the total revenue generated per number of checkouts. Consider the picture below wherein a shopper looking for a pair of earrings is tempted to go for rather 3 pairs.

A single checkout, in this case, yields benefits for the e-commerce store by increasing the average value per checkout. For the consumer, the price value saved is to too tempting to resist. 

How to Promote Product Bundles?

Three possible methods to sell bundles products are:

  • Product bundle as an entire package.
  • Product suggestions in midst of consumer shopping journey.
  • Cross selling when products are being added to the cart.
  • Leverage statistical data for the spending patterns of existing customers. With assistance from e-commerce software such as one provided by Glew make combinations for product bundling. 

Product bundles should make sense and represent the value to the customer. The ideal approach for product bundling:

  • Highlight the bundle benefits: Point out how much a consumer saves on purchase with bundling and without it. Highlight it and bring it to notice on the product description page only.

  • Promote bundles: With “Add this and save” option at the time of check out offers suggestions and recommendation to drive sales.

  • Dedicated bundle pages: It would be benefitting to provide a separate bundle page if there are a lot of combinations for bundling. Highlighted below is the e-commerce store which uses “Value Sets” as product bundle suggestion for an array of beauty products.


There are plenty of benefits of product bundling for an e-commerce website. It helps e-commerce business to establish long term relations with loyal customers. It is not only the e-commerce business owners who benefit from Product bundling, advantages of product bundling which makes them go for the purchase are highlighted below:

  • Consumers benefit from value-oriented purchase from a single offering.
  • The overall cost is lower that the actual cost of the products combined.
  • Ease of shopping without wasting too much time looking for products.
  • Combine bundle offers with a sense of urgency by having a “limited offer” or a specified day period for the deal to end. 
  • Customers should feel the urgency make the purchase and not be diverted to your rivals to look for options.

Ensure to access the productivity of the bundle combinations with the website you align with. Test the combinations in terms of relevancy to make sure a consumer will be driven to make the purchase.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Google Says, Pages Offering Bad Mobile User Experience Will Not Rank Highly After Jan 10, 2017

Google has clearly indicated in one of it's recent blog posts that webpages where content is not easily accessible to the user when searching from mobile devices will not rank as highly after Jan 10th, 2017. 

What Hampers the Mobile User Experience?

Popup's that cover the main content area and not allow the user to view it. 

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Displaying interstitials that needs to be closed in order to access the main content area.

However, not all interstitials are bad. Some that inform the user about cookie usage or a popup for age verification or a popup that does not covers the entire mobile screen are all valid usage of popups that won't be affected by the coming January update.  

The main point that matters is, users should reach your main content from search and there should be no mandatory obstructions to it. 

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