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Google AMP Goes Live in Mobile Search

Google has made the accelerated mobile pages live in the mobile search results. AMP is a shortened form of HTML that speeds up the site loading time. 

AMP HTML is fast and it increase the loading time of the site by 15% - 85%. The reason these are so fast is that the AMP HTML documents can be loaded with a small set of HTTP requests: the document itself, custom fonts (if used) and the AMP JavaScript library that implements the AMP custom elements and resource loading.

How Does it Look Like in the Mobile Search Results?

Here are some screenshots as to what AMP pages look like in the Mobile search results of Google.

More information about the AMP project can be taken via the site: 

Does AMP Pages Boost Search Rankings?

AMP pages receive a boost in search rankings as faster loading time optimises the overall user experience. For Google, user experience is on the prime priority and websites that cares for the user receives a boost in rankings. In the wake of the Mobilegeddon update which provides a boost to mobile friendly pages in the search results, the addition of AMP is another factor that will streghthen the impact of mobile friendly algorithm. 

Is it Officially Live?

Google's John Mueller says, "If there's no official announcement, then I'd assume it's not officially rolled out yet :). Sometimes we do incremental roll-outs, ramping things up slowly to make sure that things work as expected. "

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