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Google MAY Update - Are You Prepared For it?

Google is set to launch an update to it's ranking algorithm in May, 2016 that will be focussed on the mobile friendliness of the website. Is your website ready to tackle this new mobile friendly update from Google? 


When is the Update Coming?

The new update will be launched most probably in the first week of May, 2016 (No official announcement's yet).

Will My Site Be Punished If I Don't Have a Responsive Website?

Unless your site is largely semantically relevant to the query and location friendly, YES, your site will be affected! Google will promote mobile and responsive websites and lower down the rankings of the desktop friendly websites. 

What Should I Do To Keep My Site Safe in Rankings?

1- Take the mobile friendly test and see whether your site is mobile friendly or not? Follow the suggestions provided by the tool.

2- Read the mobile friendly websites guide from Google and prepare a responsive website if you are not having one.

3- Revise the guide already provided by Googl…

Google Analytics 360 - Where Data Aligns with Customer Experiences

Google recently unveiled its integrated data and marketing analytics product called the Analytics 360 suite which is the upgraded version of the Google Analytics premium.

Under this new Analytics 360, we have the following suite products:

Analytics 360 - Lets you understand your site and app and the manner in which it engages with your audience. You get total insights as to how well your content, products, pricing, ads etc are performing. It is integrated with Adwords, Double Click and other Google Advertising products to get you the detailed insights all in one place. 

Tag Manager 360 - Lets you add your own custom tags for remarketing, conversion tracking, site analytics and also allows for easier integration with other 3rd party tags.

Optimize 360 - This is your personalized A/B testing tool. It lets you deliver seamless customer experiences across all verticals. You can easily change anything on your site, run tests to see what's working and what's not.

Attribution 360 - Adomet…