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Google Analytics 360 - Where Data Aligns with Customer Experiences

Google recently unveiled its integrated data and marketing analytics product called the Analytics 360 suite which is the upgraded version of the Google Analytics premium.

Under this new Analytics 360, we have the following suite products:

Analytics 360 - Lets you understand your site and app and the manner in which it engages with your audience. You get total insights as to how well your content, products, pricing, ads etc are performing. It is integrated with Adwords, Double Click and other Google Advertising products to get you the detailed insights all in one place. 

Tag Manager 360 - Lets you add your own custom tags for remarketing, conversion tracking, site analytics and also allows for easier integration with other 3rd party tags.

Optimize 360 - This is your personalized A/B testing tool. It lets you deliver seamless customer experiences across all verticals. You can easily change anything on your site, run tests to see what's working and what's not.

Attribution 360 - Adometry has been renamed as Attribution 360. Marketers always want to make sure that every dollar spend on ads should have a mark on revenue. Attribution 360 lets you see which channels are generating the maximum ROI so that you don't spend on channels that aren't working. The holistic 360 user interface provides clarity at scale.

Audience Center 360 - The best and the most important part of any form of marketing is understanding your customer. Audience center 360 lets you to collect and organize data and allows you to reach your customer just at the right moment.

Data Studio 360 - Reports, reports and reports!! Well, this one lets to see reports in a clear, visual, beautiful and insightful manner. You have access to informative dashboards and you can easily drag and drop charts and graph to create your own custom report.

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