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Google MAY Update - Are You Prepared For it?

Google is set to launch an update to it's ranking algorithm in May, 2016 that will be focussed on the mobile friendliness of the website. Is your website ready to tackle this new mobile friendly update from Google? 


When is the Update Coming?

The new update will be launched most probably in the first week of May, 2016 (No official announcement's yet).

Will My Site Be Punished If I Don't Have a Responsive Website?

Unless your site is largely semantically relevant to the query and location friendly, YES, your site will be affected! Google will promote mobile and responsive websites and lower down the rankings of the desktop friendly websites. 

What Should I Do To Keep My Site Safe in Rankings?

1- Take the mobile friendly test and see whether your site is mobile friendly or not? Follow the suggestions provided by the tool.

2- Read the mobile friendly websites guide from Google and prepare a responsive website if you are not having one.

3- Revise the guide already provided by Google in it's April 21st update. Ensure, your site follows all the guidelines. 

4- It's all about user experience!! Check out this guide on how your site can deliver the best in class mobile site and app experience. 

What is Best I Can Do Right Now?

Get a responsive website if you don't have it yet! I said responsive site, not a separate mobile version ;) Here's how you can build a complete responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3.

What is the Best I Can Do If I Want to Increase My Site Rankings From This Update?

Did I just said "increase rankings" LOL! Well, in order to have a positive effect on your site rankings, it is recommended to make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google uses more than 200 ranking signals so there is no guarantee your site will increase in rankings but I will always recommend to get yourself ready for AMP). The below video is a great resource to get started with AMP.

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