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Optimizing Your Site Content for Mobile Audience

A wide range of content including blogs, articles, video clippings, images and press updates are published on the Web every day. Today, more people are scanning and browsing this content on their mobile phone screens, which is tiny when compared to the screen of a desktop. A recent survey indicates that one out of five cell phone users in America use their phones while going online. 

The Reese News Lab functioning at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC Chapel Hill has been studying ways and means for content creators to adapt to the increasing number of mobile phone users. They recently experimented with, which is a mobile-first news site. An in-house team comprising reporters, designers and programmers helped create content for the site. The experiment was about optimizing the content for mobile phone users. They also came out with an e-
publication entitled News on the Go: Field Notes on Storytelling for Mobile Devices that gives a concise idea about …

Local SEO Ranking Factors for 2016

As a business owner, you need to understand the importance of Local SEO because your business needs recognition in the area where it is established. If you are offering any service or selling any products, you need to make sure it is on the top list the Local SEO so that you can gain more customers. Normally when people are in need of a service or product in an area, they start searching by specifying the area and you need to make sure that your services are available to them when they search for it. Local SEO involves the optimization process for obtaining the local outputs.

How can Local SEO help you with your business?

Brand Visibility – You get a brand visibility for your products and services as many people get to see your company address and details.

Customers Visit – Once customer understands the products and services you deal with, they access your website to know more about the company. If it is not listing on the top of the search engine, your website might not be accessible …

The New Green Ad Label for Adwords

Google has started testing a new green ad label for Adwords. The previous version was the yellow label one and Google has decided to convert the yellow ones into green.

The experiment is in the testing phase and Google has still not pushed on the changes. There is still no official confirmation for it that Google will roll the new bright green ad labels or not

Here is a screenshot of the newly labelled green ads in the testing phase: 

Let's see when Google makes it live. The experiment might have been done to test the effectiveness of the new color in terms of more clicks. After all, Adwords is the main revenue generation wing of Google and the new color attribution solely aims at generating more revenue if not user experience. Kidding!

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Google Sends Messages to Webmasters for Unnatural Outbound Links

Google has started issuing messages to webmasters that their sites have been flagged for unnatural outbound links. The warning read "Unnatural outbound links from domain goes here violate Google Webmaster Guidelines."

Here is a screenshot of the applied manual spam action penalty: 

What To Do Next After You Have Received a Penalty?

All those site owners who have received such messages in the webmasters console must first try and detect all such low quality outbound links on their site then they must either remove them completely or no-follow themAt last, submit a reconsideration request to Google

How to Find Out All the Outbound Links on Your Site?

Download the screaming frog software from hereRun it and this will display all the outbound links your site is having. Identify all the low quality ones that can initiate Google penalty and no-follow them or remove them. 

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How to Leverage the Power of Social Reviews to Boost Online Sales

 “Online reviews have the power to make or break a business.” 

 A recent Nielsen study claims that “virtually all Yelp users (98%) have made a purchase at a business they found on Yelp, with nearly 90% of them doing so within a week”. Customers visit sites like Yelp only to find ratings and reviews about a company when they intend to buy any product or to use any service. 

The power of social reviews is growing and businesses who are failing to implement strategies to grow their online reviews are falling behind. A positive review is always great for the business. But on the other hand, criticized reviews defame the image of an organization. Before going for any recommendations, on social media, consumers often visit websites to read the reviews and then they compare prices. Reviews always permit businesses to approach new audiences and facilitate business to build up a positive reputation. 

What Does the Stats Suggests? 

 • 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recomm…