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Google Integrates Search Console with Analytics

Google recently announced the integration of Search Console in Google Analytics. This will help the analysts to get a full view of how your website shows up and performs in organic search results. 

We all must have integrated the Search Console with Google Analytics using data sharing. But, now, it's no longer needed as Google has auto integrated the Search Console metrics with the GA metrics allowing analysts to have a side by side view of the performance of the website. 

The below screenshot displays how the new landing page dashboard will display full range of acquisition, behavior and conversion metrics for your organic search traffic. So, you can see metrics like bounce rate, impressions, clicks, CTR, revenue, ecommerce conversions etc all side by side providing a deeper view for better optimization. 

You will be able to see this integration data under Acquisition with the name "Search Console". 

Hold on, have patience if you still aren't able to see then this is be…