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5 Pillars of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

With 3,424,971,237 people, or 46.1% of the total human population actively using the internet, digital marketing is the most effective way to reach your potential customers nowadays.

Digital marketing, in its very basic nature, is directing traffic to your business' main website. By growing traffic to your website, it will increase the chance of conversion, which is the transformation of a website visitor to an actual buyer. But with the vast diversity of digital marketing tactics, techniques, and jargons, it can be a daunting task.

1. Content Marketing: Blogging

Blogging has many advantages to your business. The first and foremost is to show your business' expertise and knowledge about what you're doing. By showing that you actually know what your business is and how dedicated you are, it will generate credibility in the eyes of your customers. 

The second is to build awareness of your products or services, and its value. Many people didn't realize a product or service is beneficial for them until they learn about it. Your job as a digital marketer is to elaborate your value to your target market, and this can be achieved through a well-written blog post.

The third advantages will relate to search engine optimization (SEO). A well-written blog post can attract links with in return will help build traffic to your main landing page, increasing its domain authority and it will rank higher in searches. Domain authority is one of many criteria used by Google to determine search engine ranking. With better search engine ranking, more people will recognize, and visit your landing page.

2. Blogger Outreach

With the rise of digital and especially social media marketing, where the internet has become more social, comes the phenomenon of influencers. Language Media rightly suggests that
personalisation and mail merge are two strategies that can greatly increase the chances of your approvals from blogger outreach. Influencers are individuals with a number of followers, readers, or viewers, of which they can 'influence' the said readers with their posts and opinions.

One type of said influencers that we can utilize are bloggers. By asking influential bloggers to post your content and link back to your site, it will also increase your site  overall authority on the search engine, increasing the site credibility. This method is called blogger outreach. Numerous software and apps are available to help you find bloggers with followers that match your target market. One of them is Ninja Outreach and it is highly recommended. After you found the right blogger, you can contact them with your proposal. 

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is no longer a fad. With the rise of mobile devices as the main platform for internet access, there are now 2.3 billion active social media users in 2015, and still steadily growing.

Not optimizing and maximizing your social media marketing effort nowadays is a marketing suicide. But yet, not many of so called 'marketers' understand the essence of how to utilize social media marketing effectively.

One of the most effective ways is to share your already effective blog posts on twitter and facebook. Not all of your audience have read all your articles, so, re-sharing old, evergreen articles periodically is also a good idea.

One of the seemingly obvious, but common mistake marketers do is forgetting to include the link to the main website on the social media profiles. All profiles should have links to your main website.

This way, social media directs traffic to your blog posts, and your blog posts direct traffic to your main landing page. Some of the visitors to your landing page will actually make the purchase. This is a powerful customer journey in a digital marketing strategy.

4. Mailing List

Although mailing lists are as old as the internet itself, it is still proven to be powerful even nowadays. A mailing list is mainly utilized for blog subscribers and repeat customers to maintain their loyalty.

Email regularly, but not too frequently with your articles, news of new products, and other interesting information. Some of them will also be interested in making another purchase -another conversion.- It is also a good way to remind old customers to remember you and re-visit your site.

Sendpulse offers a solid infrastructure to those interested in sending out to mailing lists. If you are sending out commercial offers make sure that you have the permission of the receiver, otherwise you might be flagged as spammer.

Build a mailing list and email regularly people who subscribed to it with your articles, they are probably interested, it helps to have past visitors to check your site again for more info.

5. Press Release Distribution

If your business is newsworthy, writing a good press release will add another dimension of reaching your audience.

The key to a good press release, besides of it being well-written, is to find a suitable media company that can reach your particular target market. Make sure to include the link to your website in the article.

Digital Marketing, if utilized properly can be a powerful way to gain traffic, build brand awareness, lift the value perception of the brand, and in the end, increase conversion of sales. With the internet being the main source of information on most people's lives, marketers should also understand its value and how to maximize its potential to benefit the business.

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