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"Compare Queries" Option in Search Console - What Should You Look Into?

Google recently launched the "compare queries" section under the Search Console. This post will explain all the stuffs that you should look into while comparing individual keywords.  

Step 1: Login to the Google Search Console

Step 2: Head over to Search Traffic -> Search Analytics

Step 3: Check the Queries filter and click on Compare Queries

A drop down box will open. Enter the queries that you wish to compare. Here, I have entered the queries "google Analytics interview questions" vs "seo interview questions" as I wish to see a comparison between these 2 search queries.

Click on compare and Google will return the number of total clicks that your site receives from the compared queries individually. 

What to Check with the "Compare Queries" section ?

1- You can compare the performance of each keyword on the basis of clicks, impressions, CTR and average position.

2- You can check the number of clicks sorted on the basis of countries and devices like desktop, mobile and tablet. This will help you to understand the popularity and importance of keywords on particular countries and devices. 

3- You can check the pages that are ranking on Google for these queries. If there are duplicate pages ranking, then you can easily detect and rectify them. 

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