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How to Create a Great Competitive SEO Analysis Plan

In order to defeat your competitors, you need to spy them down. The better you are at spying your competitor’s marketing move, the easier it will be to beat their search rankings,social engagement, referral traffic, CTA (Call to Action), CTR (Clickthrough Rate) etc.

Step 1: Identify your SEO competitors

Your target audience is already under the influence of your competitors and they are having a certain share of the overall market that you are looking to capture. Sometimes, competitor analysis helps you to better understand your own market. In order to identify your main organic competitors, you can make use of the following strategies:

A- Use tools like SEMrush, Spyfoo, Alexa, SimilarWeb and iSpionage to find the organic search competitors.

B- Ask your client who are the major players in this business.

C- Prepare a list of long-term industry players.

Step 2: Prepare a list of organic keywords

Prepare a list of organic keywords that your competitors are ranking along with the keywords t…

5 Essential SEO Tips to Increase Conversions on your Joomla Website

Joomla’s inherent structure is unique and very different from wordpress or any other CMS. The use of graphics to display content on a Joomla website makes its optimization an uphill task. 1. Design a visually appealing and engaging website
The golden rule of SEOing any website is a STRONG visual appeal. It can be regarded as the most important aspect of your website. An interesting and enticing webpage can enhance user experience (UX) exceptionally. Some suggestions: Use predesigned Joomla template and themes. Designing a website from scratch can prove to be a tiring activity. A customizable template can ease your burden by providing extreme flexibility with amazing quality. Keep the boring text brief. Keep your content to the point, succinct and attractive. Embed videos and infographics to get your point across. DO NOT display text in form of images. It is not selectable, not searchable, not zoomable, not accessible, and not friendly for high-DPI devices. Alternatively Use CSS3 effects an…