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How to Have a Mobile Optimized, Festive Friendly Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most ROI friendly channels of online marketing. We all need a mobile optimized email marketing strategy in order to generate the best returns on investment.

Today’s mobile consumer base are constantly checking their mobile phones to track emails. There was never a great time to reach the mobile savvy customers as we have now. Here is how you can have a mobile optimized, festive friendly email marketing strategy. 
How to Have Mobile Friendly Emails?
1- Keep the subject lines shorter to around 25-30 characters as most of the mobile devices displays up-to 30 characters only. 
2- Make the pre-header text attractive and click worthy and this text gets seen in the mobile devices. 
3- Use single column template in order to keep the content visible evenly irrespective of the devices. 
4- Use images sparingly in order to cut down on load times.
5- Use a single call to action so that it becomes easier for the user to decide what to do next.
6- Limit your word count as mobi…