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Can Emotional IQ Really Help with Online Marketing?

EI or Emotional Intelligence has been a hot topic among workers and business owners alike. Companies are beginning to focus on emotional intelligence as one of the factors they consider when choosing people to fill managerial positions. 

According to studies complied by the University of Maryland, people with high EI are better able to resolve conflict and handle the emotions of others. For business owners wanting to perform effective internet marketing, emotional intelligence is actually a handy skill to have. You can understand customers better, accept criticism more positively and gain so much from an audience when you have a high level of emotional intelligence. 

You can also see signs and gain a lot of insight from non-verbal communications as well as online feedback. Be sure to read the Emotional IQ and You infographic by the University of Maryland for more info. 

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5 Google Analytics Hacks You Wish You Had Known

Every year, digital marketers are on the lookout for the latest secrets to tackle social media marketing to help grow their business. Google Analytics is one such tool that can change the way you track your goals. Many universities offers courses to become Master of Science in Analytics. Whether it’s understanding your customer’s shopping trends or attempting to calculate your return on investment (ROI), here are 5 ways, you can utilize GA services to provide an accurate image of your website. 

Hack #1. Utilize the Annotation Tool to Make Quick Notes
It’s important to make a note of useful information while browsing other websites. Having a messy desk with sticky notes isn’t exactly a reliable way to store data. The GA Annotation tool ensures you can quickly make a note of something and keep a track of it. Simply click on the related graph on GA and choose “Create a new annotation”, from here you can add as many notes as you please.
Hack #2. Customize Real-time alerts to Monitor Changes

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO By Using Virtual Reality and AI

Virtual Reality is the technology that mimics actual reality. A massive shift in technology is taking place involving the usage of both Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
VR uses technologies to generate sounds, images and other sensations that stimulates the senses of humans just like a real environment. Similarly, AI is a technology that helps to produce intelligent machines that are capable of perceiving the environment and taking actions accordingly. AI is divided into 3 types as explained below: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Think of a robot beating an opponent in chess).Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): This of a robot who is capable of performing almost all the functions just like the humans do.Artificial Super intelligence (ASI): Think of a machine that has higher capabilities of executing functions that are beyond the capacity of a normal human being.
Now, how does that going to affect Search Engine Optimization? Well, it has started to change SEO faster …