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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO By Using Virtual Reality and AI

Virtual Reality is the technology that mimics actual reality. A massive shift in technology is taking place involving the usage of both Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

VR uses technologies to generate sounds, images and other sensations that stimulates the senses of humans just like a real environment. Similarly, AI is a technology that helps to produce intelligent machines that are capable of perceiving the environment and taking actions accordingly. AI is divided into 3 types as explained below:
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Think of a robot beating an opponent in chess).
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): This of a robot who is capable of performing almost all the functions just like the humans do.
  • Artificial Super intelligence (ASI): Think of a machine that has higher capabilities of executing functions that are beyond the capacity of a normal human being.

Now, how does that going to affect Search Engine Optimization? Well, it has started to change SEO faster than you might think.
Here are 5 great ways through which you can boost your current SEO strategy by implementing AI and Virtual Reality in it:

1- Make Use of Regression Analysis to Identify Underlying Ranking Factors

Regression analysis (RA) estimates the relationship among variables and is a core part of data science. RA involves the usage of machine learning (AI) to accurately predict an algorithm’s shift.

Google’s RankBrain algorithm uses AI to determine which sub-algorithm (like PageRank, Schema Data, Meta Title Information, Page Content etc.) to use for predicting the importance of a web page based on the user search query.
While doing competitor analysis, it is recommended to perform a regression analysis on the sites that are ranking on the first page of Google. This will help you to easily predict the underlying factors or sub-algorithms that are causing the shift in the search results. This is opposed to the old-house SEO rule of simply relying on major factors like links and content.
For example on a particular niche, Google might give more importance on the Meta Title tags while less on links while for other niches it might rely heavily on page content. Whichever niche you are promoting, first perform a Regression Analysis and identify all the factors that are causing the flux in the search results. This will certainly help you to rank your site better.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. There are several benefits of marketing on YouTube and if you are able to integrate your current video marketing strategy with an enhanced focus on video storytelling then you will instantly notice an increase in the level of engagement.
In his TED talk, Joe Sabia unleashed the importance that storytelling holds for a business. Instead of sharing boring stories over social media, you can create stunning and entertaining stories which the users will cherish more. Moreover, you can couple it up with 360 degree videos to make them go viral.
Consider an example when any user types the query “how much time will a pasta take to cook”. Google needs an answer to it so it will look for the Schema data present on the website. In case, the schema data about cooking time isn’t available, it becomes harder for Google to judge the exact time. Hence, if you are using schema data for all the search query variations that your targeted audience would be searching for, you have every chances to get your site promoted in the search results.  
Similarly, implementing AMP pages on your site will allow Google to promote your site’s search rankings when the user is searching using a mobile device.

2- Leverage Particle Swarm Intelligence to Guess the Individual Weighings of Scoring Algorithms

Particle Swarm Intelligence is a population based optimization technique based on the social behavior of bird flocking. With the help of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization), SEO’s are able to correlate search factors and guess the weightings of individual ranking factors.  The PSO algorithm is used to correlate known results, like Google’s US results. All the other activities like the ON page and Off page factors are adjusted accordingly as per the corelated factors. This method, if done correctly can produce some significant results. 

3- Incorporate Video Storytelling and Get More Social Engagements

Search is incomplete without involving social media and blog. One needs to understand how to blog smartly in order to generate the maximum engagement. Sharing blog posts across social media is necessary. It is important to judge the level of engagement a post receives on social media in order to better understand the value of the content. Google interprets and identifies a social share to each search result before it ranks them. Video storytelling is indeed a great way to improve your SEO as it helps to get maximum social shares.

4- Implement Rich Snippets and AMP Pages to Help Google Prioritize Your Website in the Search Results 
Google is constantly trying to improve its search algorithm with the power of AI. In the near future, Google will be able to determine which pages of a particular website should be made available to the user based on the device they are using for their search. As, search engine optimizers, we need to help Google to easily locate the information the user is asking.

5- Stick Within Your Linking Neighborhood as Irrelevant Back links Will Activate Penguin While Relevant Links Will Boost Visibility

Google is easily able to identify the type and quality of backlinks acquired within a particular niche with the help of its RankBrain algorithm. Hence, any site that is found to have irrelevant backlinks might be pushed down by incorporating the Penguin algorithm. Contrary to that, site that is constantly acquiring niche links from reputable resources might be promoted further up in the search results. 
A smart SEO will always combine the power of Virtual Reality and AI in order to improve the performance of the campaign. Have you started using AI in your marketing strategy? Please let me know in the comments below.
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