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4 Tips to Maximize the Success of Your Adwords Campaigns in 2018

Managing Adwords campaigns is not an easy task especially for newbies who have little experience handling them. Hence, it is essential to learn the basics of managing Adwords campaigns before you put your funds in them.

We are heading towards 2018 and there are some expert tips and tricks that you need to employ in your PPC campaigns in order to improve the ROI. Here are the top 4 tips:

1- Use the Latest Features Added in the New Adwords Interface

The new Adwords interface has the following new features. Ensure to use them in order to maximize the chances of your campaigns.

Group together related products using “Showcase Shopping Ads”.

Highlight specific sales and offers using “Promotion Extensions”. Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate in your account. Leverage the power of content exclusions across Display, Video and Universal App campaigns from one place in your account. Use the newly updated Audience Manager to see the data sources available for your AdWords tag-based rem…

App Store SEO - How to Increase Your App's Visibility

With the millions and millions of apps that are available, you have to do more than design a nice user interface and add unique features to gain traction among consumers. What you need, in fact, are the right search engine optimization (SEO) and app store optimization (ASO) strategies to improve your mobile app ranking and achieve more downloads.

There is a science to making your app visible in an app store where you will face lots of competition -- and by following a few best practices, you can watch your ranking climb. Read on for a look at mobile app rankings and how they work, how SEO is becoming increasingly important in this segment, and tips to boosting your app rankings with SEO.
Mobile App Rankings
According to statistics, the number of mobile app downloads in the Asia Pacific region in 2016 was 86.2 billion, and this tally is expected to climb to 117.7 billion in 2017 and 198.9 billion in 2021. It’s also important to note that the two most popular app stores are the iOS App St…

Understanding Log Analysis for Technical SEO

Logfile analysis is fast becoming the new standard in solving technical SEO challenges. While this is not new, developers and marketers have been diving into server network device and system logs to see how search engines like Google are crawling their websites. However, most people without a development background find log analysis for technical SEO complicated. If your on-page and technical SEO is poor, options to improve your SEO efforts are pretty limited. Technical SEO is crucial in helping you crawl, index and parse websites, thus ranking them appropriately even before any SEO marketing efforts come into play. Your log files hold the data that is 100% accurate in understanding how search engines are crawling your website. Here’s what you should know about log analysis as a facet of technical SEO: What are Log Files?Network devices, computer servers, computer applications and operating systems automatically generate a log entry each time they perform any action. In an SEO concept…

Using Effective Calls to Action to Improve Social Conversions

Are you looking to generate sales, improve your online visibility, increase attendance at an event or capture leads through social media?

It’s a known fact that generating conversions from social media can be difficult.  People are generally not un Facebook for transactional purposes.  They go to Facebook and Twitter to connect with others, read news, to be entertained.  Yet smart marketers can learn to use strong calls to action to incite their audience into action.  In this article, we’ll discuss strategy to use effective calls to action to improve conversions from social media.
Create a Sense of Urgency

The effectiveness of a call to action on social media is partly determined by the word choice. To grab readers’ attention and persuade them to follow through,use action words such as “download” “click” and “contact” to make your intentions clear to followers. Calls to action should never leave followers guessing about what you’re asking them to do, so be straightforward.

It’s also imp…

Don't Make These 5 Landing Page Mistakes and Ruin Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grabs the eyeballs of passive online visitors and glues their attention to your web page. Proper optimization on your landing page continues to draw audiences long after you stop marketing the page. Search engines will not display your website and will rank it poorly if you make the following mistakes. 1- Having very short content Search engines are business entities. Just like any other outfit, they always want to provide great service so that customers return. According to Sachs Marketing Group, Google will not be interested in serving your website to searchers if the content is too short, irrelevant and does not provide real value. Give straightforward, actionable and practical service. Longer landing pages answer people’s quests more conclusively than shorter ones. Let you landing page be 1,000-3,000 words. Do not just focus on the word count; deliver accurate, relevant and riveting information. When audiences spend more time on your site, you increa…