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Top 5 Ecommerce Marketing Tips For 2017

With the start of a brand-new year comes the possibility of exploring the latest business tactics for your e-commerce to flourish. Several competitors will begin to explore modern trends, to stay in the race for dominance, it’s critical to develop a winning marketing strategy for your business. Research as per ‘SmartInsights’ suggests that 77% of the marketing professionals think planning and analytics will play a crucial role in digital marketing in 2017.
Here are 5 top key points for ecommerce marketers to look out for in 2017.
1. Shifting focus onto Asia
With the US market about to reach a saturation point, Asian markets such as China have begun to see a surge in e-commerce sales growth. The magnitude of the Chinese market is set to hit a trillion dollars in the coming years up until 2019. E-commerce businesses would do well to go international and enjoy the perks of the Asian market. With lower shipping costs, zero VAT charges, and strategies targeting the locals, it’s increasingly r…

How to Get Your Site Featured on Single Source AMP Carousels

Search trends are changing and Google is preferring content that loads faster like the AMP powered web pages. You can see a collection of AMP pages collectively called the AMP Carousels. These pages load faster and optimize the search experience of the mobile user. Here is what an AMP page looks like in the Google search results: 

Nowadays, a new type of AMP Carousel called the "Single Source AMP Carousel" is being seen in the search results. Single source means that all the results are from the single site. The below image displays carousels from a single source like Fox Sports and Kansas City Star. 

This is great news for the webmaster because getting your site on AMP Carousel and that too for more than one slides can increase your chances of diverting extra traffic to your site. Let us know understand, how you can exploit this opportunity as a search engine optimizer. 
Step 1: Create an AMP HTML Page
Create AMP specific pages for each of the pages on your site in order to all…

Understanding the Basics of Color Branding

Colors have long been associated to convey various subconscious emotions in marketing. Several leading companies have perceived color as a means of persuading their consumers into buying their products. A research conducted by Ellen C. Carter shows exactly why you need to adopt the power of color into your brand.

Humans perceive colorful images far better than dull ones, hence if you intend to boost your brand image, it’s critical to get the color psychology right. 

Giving your Brand Personality Through Color 

The psychology of colors in marketing is well documented and aligning a color to your brand can send a subtle message to the type of audience you would like to relate to. For instance, pink is a color that is associated with feminism as well as a youthful grace. Red shows fierce aggression and dominance while blue is associated with integrity and calmness. Similarly, green emphasizes an ecological change and a symbol for organic produce. If you feel like being mysterious, purple of…