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5 Things Your Website is Missing and How to Fix Them

Is your website dangerously lacking in some crucial areas?

There are certain elements that you should definitely have in your website in order to generate more leads and conversions.

Here are the top 5 of them:  

1- Mobile Friendly Design

The number one issue to fix on your site is a non-responsive website.

People are reading emails and browsing sites on their mobile devices more than before.


Here is what you need to do:

Take the mobile friendly test of your website and check if your web page is mobile friendly.

  • Enable browser caching to speed up your website.

  • Set a mobile friendly preferred width by adding the following tag in the head section:

<meta name=viewport content='width=700'>
2- Customer Testimonials
Word of mouth marketing is not going to end soon!
Having customer testimonials on your website will help your brand to look authentic. People read and trust customer reviews the most before making any buying decision.
Tools like Testimonial Tree offer personalised testimonial collection forms, display widgets and social media integration that helps to scale up the reviews that you have on your website.
Genuine testimonials from your past customers can have a tremendous impact on the conversions happening on your website.

3- A Favicon

A Favicon is what makes a website stand out!

Favicon is a small image of the size of 16x16 pixels that is used to graphically represent a website in the browser.

A great favicon allows the visitor to quickly identify and revisit your website. You can use a Favicon generator to create a Favicon for your website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 6.10.06 pm.png

Having a favicon builds a sign of trust and it differentiates your website from your competitors.

Moreover, it looks professional and is useful for follow up visits.

4- CTA Buttons

CTA buttons are the most important element of your website. They help to get a visitor converted by clicking on a button.

No surprise, having CTA buttons in an area that is easily viewable helps the customers to click often. You can try out the CTA button generator to easily create a CTA button.

Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Use actionable text in your CTA button like “Get your free e-book” or “Try our new recipe for free”.

  • Use contrasting colors to enable the CTA element to stand apart.

  • Create a sense of urgency by using text like “hurry”, “only for today”, “first 50 customers”, “sale ends soon” etc.

  • Have lots of white spaces surrounding your CTA button.

  • The placement should be logical and they should have a close proximity to the previous action.

5- A Blog

If you are still putting all your efforts into promoting your services page and not leveraging the benefit of a blog then you are making a huge mistake.

Most of the leads are generated by a blog.

Having a blog on the website will let you attract more traffic and eventually you will start getting more conversions.

A blog gives your company a voice and you can easily connect with lots of influencers for word of mouth marketing by inviting them to publish content on your blog.

The blog is at the heart of all the content marketing efforts. It builds confidence, relationships and sales.

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