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4 Tips to Maximize the Success of Your Adwords Campaigns in 2018

Managing Adwords campaigns is not an easy task especially for newbies who have little experience handling them. Hence, it is essential to learn the basics of managing Adwords campaigns before you put your funds in them.

We are heading towards 2018 and there are some expert tips and tricks that you need to employ in your PPC campaigns in order to improve the ROI. Here are the top 4 tips:

1- Use the Latest Features Added in the New Adwords Interface

The new Adwords interface has the following new features. Ensure to use them in order to maximize the chances of your campaigns.

  • Highlight specific sales and offers using “Promotion Extensions”.
  • Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate in your account.
  • Leverage the power of content exclusions across Display, Video and Universal App campaigns from one place in your account.
  • Use the newly updated Audience Manager to see the data sources available for your AdWords tag-based remarketing lists and YouTube remarketing lists.

2- Track User Actions With Conversion Tracking

Every ad is created with the purpose of driving an user action like downloads, calls, newsletter signups, website purchases etc. With the help of Conversion tracking you can easily track the valuable customer activity wrt to the ad clicks therefore assisting you in providing valuable data to further assist in the optimization of the PPC campaigns.

3- Unleash The Power of Competitor Analysis

If you are not tracking what your competitors are doing then you might fall behind. For running Adwords campaigns successfully, you need to track every PPC related activity of your competitor and have a plan ready to counteract their tactics. Think like an entrepreneur and check the keywords your competitors are using. Properly analyze cost vs traffic percentage and look at their ad copies.

You will need to use the power of following tools to properly analyze your adwords competition:

  • SEMrush
  • Ispionage
  • SpyFu

4- Properly Optimize Landing Pages and Use Negative Keywords Intelligently

Landing page still remains one of the most crucial components of the Adwords quality score. Below are some ways to make your landing pages look highly relevant in the eyes of search engines:

  • Use keywords in all the major areas of the page like H1, title, description, starting para, image alt tags, content body etc.
  • Create separate landing depending the exact micro moments when the users will search for your web page.
  • Highlight your USP and offer value to the users. Ensure what you promise in the USP gets delivered.
  • Use quirky CTAs in place of usual ones as they have do the trick.
  • Constantly A/B test your pages and frequently use the one that is generating the maximum conversions.

Moreover, you need to use negative keywords super intelligently as a major portion of the budget might get wasted if negative keywords aren’t filtered out. Check out this resource from WordStream to learn more Negative keywords and how to use them.

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