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5 Brilliant Keywords Research Strategies You Should Try Out

Keyword research is essential to your overall SEO game plan. Keywords make your pages more discoverable on Google and draw more of the right traffic to your website. This increases clicks, conversions — and possibly even sales. 

When it comes to keyword research, however, there is no one set strategy that you should rely on. Instead, it’s important to spread your wings and try things your rivals aren’t. Here are the top 5 brilliant keyword research strategies you should try out: 
1- Concentrate On Your Niche
Take a look at your audience and what interests them the most. What are they searching for? 
Then, take a look at your products and identify the keywords your customers are using to find your brand. 
Perform a search of the most obvious terms in your niche, and then use an SEO tool to find derivative keywords. While high-value keywords are important, it’s also a good idea to use derivative keywords, too. These can help you to distinguish yourself from your rivals. 

Here is a nice video …

5 SEO Strategies You Need To Master in 2019

We are nearing 2019 and there are several new SEO strategies that you need to master before the start of a new year. I will discuss the top 5 SEO strategies that you must implement in your marketing strategy in order to achieve the best results for your campaigns. Let’s start! 
1- Voice Search Optimization
It’s clear that more than 50% of searches would be driven by voice by 2020. Hence, you need to quickly focus on voice and think about how users will interact with your site using voice. 

Voice search is all about answering user query accurately and in a format that Google can easily process. Here are a few pointers that can tremendously help you to master voice search optimization. 
-> Read the Search Speech guidelines specified by Google and note the points under the Speech Quality rating. Prepare new content that fully meets the speech quality rating criteria to enable your site to rank on top of the search results for voice-based search queries. 
-> Make every effort to increase…

Effective Ways to Protect Your Website From Hackers

We all know that website creation requires so much hard work and you don’t want that to get spoiled! The pieces of content on your website are works of art, a labor of love that may have taken a long time to produce. For that reason, you want to make sure that you protect your website as much as possible, not just from hackers but also from damage and loss of data. Here are some effective ways to protect the site you love. Passwords and Usernames One of the common ways that websites are hacked is through not using effective passwords or usernames. It can be easy to choose a password that is easy to remember, especially if you don’t want to have to write it down anywhere. However, simple passwords can be easily guessed by hackers and others looking to get into your website. You need to think about your password and try to make it as difficult as possible to guess. Ideally, you want it to contain both letters as numbers along with punctuation characters as well. Another rule to adhere to…

How to Become An SEO Expert? The Complete Career Guide

The scope of search engine optimization as a career option is in great demand. SEO is a good career choice for people who are interested to make a career in the field of digital marketing.
Skills Needed To Become An SEO
Here are the top skills that are needed to become an SEO:
You should be good at critical thinking. An SEO should have an analytical mind and must use data in their decision-making process.Your English communication skills should be good because most of your SEO clients will communicate in English. A creative mind is extremely necessary because every SEO strategy is different and you need to propose a unique SEO strategy for each of your client.Patience is a key skill that every SEO must have. Getting good results from SEO campaigns takes both time and effort.SEO professionals make recommendations related to page design and site speed. Hence, your technical and programming skills should be good.You should be good at networking with others because SEO needs to constantly g…

Ubersuggest - Neil Patel’s Free Keyword Research Tool - How to Use it?

Ubersuggestis a free keyword overview and suggestion tool that fetches data directly from Google Keyword Planner and Google suggest. The tool shows search volume and CPC competition for the extracted keyword suggestions. It is one of the top keyword research tools that you can use to generate more keyword ideas for your business. 
Whether your goal is to get the best keywords for your SEO campaign or fine-tune your keyword list for your next PPC campaign Ubersuggest helps you with finding and researching relevant keywords, identify their monthly searches capacity and also determine how difficult the keyword is to outrank (SEO) or outperform (PPC). 
Moreover, Ubersuggest also lets you see what your competitors are doing in relations to a specific keyword (are they ranking organically or doing PPC?).
Simply enter your main money keyword and the tool starts suggesting more keyword ideas (both head and long tail) in a matter of seconds!
Why Ubersuggest?
Ubersuggest is free to use unlike Moz, A…

Building an SEO Friendly Website From Scratch - 13 Essentials to Follow

An SEO friendly website is the biggest asset for a brand. With the help of your website, you can bring in lots of relevant organic traffic and leads. 
What does it takes to build an awesome website? I have made it easier for you to build one by listing 13 essentials. 
1- Choose an SEO friendly website builder
Choose any website builder like that will help you to create SEO friendly websites. The biggest advantage that this tool offers is an easy drag and drop interface where anyone can make a website without any coding skills. The templates offered are mobile optimized and responsive. You can easily add the required meta tags and build an SEO friendly URL structure that helps to create a website that is fast, optimized and SSL inclusive. 

2- Create AMP Pages 
Speed is the one of the most important ranking factors for Google and accelerated mobile pages will help you to dominate this factor. AMP is a lightweight version of your HTML page that loads faster and improves the over…