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Ubersuggest - Neil Patel’s Free Keyword Research Tool - How to Use it?

Ubersuggest is a free keyword overview and suggestion tool that fetches data directly from Google Keyword Planner and Google suggest. The tool shows search volume and CPC competition for the extracted keyword suggestions. It is one of the top keyword research tools that you can use to generate more keyword ideas for your business. 

Whether your goal is to get the best keywords for your SEO campaign or fine-tune your keyword list for your next PPC campaign Ubersuggest helps you with finding and researching relevant keywords, identify their monthly searches capacity and also determine how difficult the keyword is to outrank (SEO) or outperform (PPC). 

Moreover, Ubersuggest also lets you see what your competitors are doing in relations to a specific keyword (are they ranking organically or doing PPC?).

Simply enter your main money keyword and the tool starts suggesting more keyword ideas (both head and long tail) in a matter of seconds!

Why Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is free to use unlike Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, Semrush, etc? Do you need any more reasons than that?

Well, the user interface is damn easy! I prefer using this tool instead of Keyword Planner because it is so simple to use.  

The tool is quick and it allows you to refine your keyword research. Here are some of the top reasons every SEO or digital marketer must use it: 

  • It fetches info from Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Suggest without the need to log in.
  • It is super fast, beautiful and intuitive and the user interface is sleek and easy to understand. 
  • You can create filters within search results. 
  • You can use the negative keyword option to exclude phrases you don’t want to cover in your keywords selection. 
  • It displays complete data related to your competitors like who else ranks for your selected keywords?
  • WIth comprehensive Competitors intelligence, you can determine whether your competitors are going for an SEO or PPC approach on specific keywords?

Ubersuggest Acquisition by Neil Patel 

Ubersuggest was recently acquired by blogger and influencer, Neil Patel in Feb 2017. After the acquisition, the updated tool was tested on Producthunt and then it was made live on 

Now, the question that most of the SEO’s must be thinking is- why did Neil acquired it? Do we have to pay money to use the the tool?

Well, the answer is - the tool will remain FREE and Neil said “My goal is to make all SEO and keyword data for free... even in a crazier way than this.” So, stay tuned for more surprises. 

How to Use Ubersuggest?

I will take an example and help you understand how this tool works. Suppose I want to research keywords for my online bakery shop. I want to find keywords related to cakes that have purchase intent in them. My main keyword is “buy chocolate cakes” and the location of my business is “Boston”.

I visit Ubersuggest and enter the keyword “buy chocolate cake boston”.

Ubersuggest returned a search result having 396 keywords:

Now, I will leave out keywords that are not related to my main business in the negative keywords section located in the left side of the tool. 

Now, the result that I have is super useful and relevant for my bakery business in Boston. 

I can export the entire list as CSV file or copy it to another sheet as per my convenience with the help of the options located below the search results.

Easy, isn’t it? 

Here is a quick video demo of how Ubersuggest works? 

Ubersuggest is my favorite SEO keyword research tool simply because it’s super fast, easy and free to use.