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How to Become An SEO Expert? The Complete Career Guide

The scope of search engine optimization as a career option is in great demand. SEO is a good career choice for people who are interested to make a career in the field of digital marketing.

Skills Needed To Become An SEO

Here are the top skills that are needed to become an SEO:

  • You should be good at critical thinking. An SEO should have an analytical mind and must use data in their decision-making process.
  • Your English communication skills should be good because most of your SEO clients will communicate in English. 
  • A creative mind is extremely necessary because every SEO strategy is different and you need to propose a unique SEO strategy for each of your client.
  • Patience is a key skill that every SEO must have. Getting good results from SEO campaigns takes both time and effort.
  • SEO professionals make recommendations related to page design and site speed. Hence, your technical and programming skills should be good.
  • You should be good at networking with others because SEO needs to constantly generate good backlinks for their client’s site as most of these links are acquired by networking with other webmasters.
  • You should have a zeal to acquire as much knowledge in your field as possible. The field of internet marketing is changing constantly and Google updates it’s search ranking algorithm almost every day so you need to be sharp in learning about all such changes that are happening in the internet landscape.

Degrees and Certifications Needed

Although there are no strict essentials of acquiring a regular degree to become an SEO, it always helps if you are a graduate.

Below, I'm outlining some stand out programs and certifications that may help your SEO career:

You can complete any undergraduate course from any stream but I would strongly recommend you to complete a postgraduate course like Masters in Computer Application or Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science.

Also, there are some free guides and resources available to polish your knowledge about SEO:

Earning Potential As An SEO

You can easily generate a starting salary of thousands of dollars each month as a newbie and this can increase at an annual rate of up to 26%.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an SEO expert is purely based on choice. If you are really interested in making a career in SEO then you must follow the essentials mentioned in this guide.

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