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5 SEO Strategies You Need To Master in 2019

We are nearing 2019 and there are several new SEO strategies that you need to master before the start of a new year. I will discuss the top 5 SEO strategies that you must implement in your marketing strategy in order to achieve the best results for your campaigns. Let’s start! 

1- Voice Search Optimization 

It’s clear that more than 50% of searches would be driven by voice by 2020. Hence, you need to quickly focus on voice and think about how users will interact with your site using voice. 

Voice search is all about answering user query accurately and in a format that Google can easily process. Here are a few pointers that can tremendously help you to master voice search optimization. 

-> Read the Search Speech guidelines specified by Google and note the points under the Speech Quality rating. Prepare new content that fully meets the speech quality rating criteria to enable your site to rank on top of the search results for voice-based search queries. 

-> Make every effort to increase domain authority and user trust. Here are some good ways to earn high-quality links to your site. 

-> Improve your site speed. Here is how you can make your pages load faster with Google speed suggestion. If you want to dig a little deeper into how Google uses site load time in ranking search results then refer to this patent

2- Technical SEO Audit

You must never underestimate the importance of a technical SEO audit because it can directly hamper the performance of your website in the search results. 

Follow the below links to guides that will help you to master technical SEO:

-> Here is a great guide that discusses each and every aspect of SEO. 
-> This post discusses 15 important technical ON page issues and how you can effectively tackle them. 
-> Here is a comprehensive guide to planning a winning SEO strategy. 
-> This post from Neil Patel lets you perform a technical SEO audit in just 60 minutes. 

3- Interactive Content Marketing 

Interactive content marketing is all about educating, entertaining and engaging your target audience. 

The old form of text-based content marketing will be dead sooner. Interactive content that uses storytelling or gamification to inform and engage the readers will find more success. 

Video content forms a major part of content marketing. Cisco states that by 2021, 80% of all traffic will be video. Hence, it’s time to think interactive and think video. 

This post that I have written for WooRank covers each and every aspect of what is interactive content marketing and how you can use it to boost your existing content marketing strategy. 

Moreover, I would highly recommend you to read this post on Relevance that discusses how content marketing will change in 2022

4- CTR Optimization

You need clicks and most importantly you need your audiences to stay on your site for a longer period of time. If the user does not click your site in the search results then you are quickly going to lose your rankings due to RankBrain. 

This video from Brain Dean is a great watch where he discusses the Click Magnet Method to increase CTR. 

Moreover, this post from Search Engine Journal discusses some of best ways to boost organic CTR. 

5- Link Earning 

Link building won’t die in 2019! Yes, you read that right. Google does count links when ranking web pages and therefore there are not doing to die sooner. 

Building link is directly related to improved domain authority as links form a major part of DA. 

Here are some great resources that will help you to master link earning in 2019 and ahead:

-> The link building guide from Backlinko
-> The advanced link building guide from QuickSprout
-> This guide from Kaiser The Sage on Contextual Link Building.

The basics of SEO hasn’t changed a lot. It’s true that new and improved technologies have given rise to new forms of data presentation that have made way for new strategies to market products and services. Following the above 5 SEO strategies can surely help you to plan a winning SEO strategy in 2019 and ahead. 

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