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5 Brilliant Keywords Research Strategies You Should Try Out

Keyword research is essential to your overall SEO game plan. Keywords make your pages more discoverable on Google and draw more of the right traffic to your website. This increases clicks, conversions — and possibly even sales. 

When it comes to keyword research, however, there is no one set strategy that you should rely on. Instead, it’s important to spread your wings and try things your rivals aren’t. Here are the top 5 brilliant keyword research strategies you should try out: 
1- Concentrate On Your Niche
Take a look at your audience and what interests them the most. What are they searching for? 
Then, take a look at your products and identify the keywords your customers are using to find your brand. 
Perform a search of the most obvious terms in your niche, and then use an SEO tool to find derivative keywords. While high-value keywords are important, it’s also a good idea to use derivative keywords, too. These can help you to distinguish yourself from your rivals. 

Here is a nice video …