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Complete Guide To Improve Your Page Speed

You definitely want conversions from your website but a slow site can literally kill conversions. 
Starting July 2018, page speed became a ranking factor for mobile searches. It was already a ranking factor for desktop searches since 2010

People often get confused between page speed and site speed but in reality, page speed is the individual loading time for a particular web page while site speed is the average load speed of the pages contained in your site. 
Both site speed and page speed are important because users want search results that load faster.
What Is The Ideal Loading Time For A Website?
The ideal load time for a website is 2 seconds. The longer the wait, the higher the chances of user bouncing back and the lesser the conversions.
Besides, the average time to first byte should be under 1.3 seconds and the total size for a mobile webpage should be less than 500 KB
Tools To Check Your Site/Page Speed
The following tools are helpful in checking the site/page speed in order to imp…