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Use These 4 Techniques To Build Links in 2019

Your website can’t rank without links! This is a truth that every SEO fully understands. Links continue to remain the number one ranking factor for Google. 
You can’t buy links because any link intended to manipulate search results is counted as spam by Google and can result in a Google manually penalizing your site in the search results. 
The only way to make people link back to your site is to earn them. Building links by earning them is a penalty-proof action plan for your SEO strategy. 
Here are 4 techniques that are extremely effective in building links in 2019 and ahead:
1- Participate in High-Quality Guest Posting
Guest posting still remains the number one link building strategy for most of the SEOs. 
Under guest posting, you find websites who are looking for authors to prepare content for them. You approach those webmasters and ask them to allow you to become a contributor on your website. If they accept you then you can start publishing content on their website with a link back to …