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Why Video Content Marketing Is So Powerful?

You are busy selecting the next topic of your article but wait! Will it give you the desired results? 

Have you calculated the ROI of your content marketing efforts? Or rather, the ROI of your article marketing? 

If you are missing videos in your content strategy then your overall ROI from content marketing is certainly going to get affected. 

The use of videos in your content marketing plan has become absolutely necessary. 

People are busy watching videos on their favorite social channels like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. 

If you want to reach your target audience - START PRODUCING VIDEOS!

Why Videos Are Important For Content Marketing?

Videos are important for content marketing because people prefer to grab information with minimal effort. Reading an article is time-consuming but watching a video is both fun and easy. 

Here are some of the important reasons why videos are important for content marketing:

  • People watch more than 500 million hours of video every day on YouTube. 
  • Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook each day.
  • Videos help to establish trust and persuade the customers to join the business. For example, 100 Commission Real Estate uses an excellent 3-minute video on its homepage that encourages the customer to try their services and also helps to establish trust. 
  • Videos have a direct impact on ROI.
  • Videos offer a high retention value and get more exposure from Google. Videos have the potential to get listed under ‘Featured Snippets’.

How To Make A Video For Content Marketing?

You need a video maker software like Animoto where you can create professional video slideshows. You simply need to register, add your pictures or videos, choose music from the music library and create a video within minutes.

Before you create a video, make sure to follow the tips below:

  • Leverage the power of storytelling in your videos by presenting a central character (the hero) and a villain. People tend to remember things that are portrayed in the form of a story.
  • Discuss the best elements at the starting because keeping it for the end will reduce the chances of getting more video views.
  • Use your main keywords in the title and the description of the video. This will help you to perfect your SEO and allow the video to rank better in the search results.
  • Add your main keywords in the video description as this will allow the video to rank for a number of keywords.
  • Create engaging, colorful and high-quality thumbnails.
  • Cross-promote your videos on every social channel in order to generate maximum exposure.
  • Keep your videos short and simple because shorter videos outperform longer videos.

  • Add some fun elements in your video so that it does not sound boring.
  • Do not deviate away from your brand mission while presenting the story.
  • Always add a video transcription because it helps the search engines to fully understand the contents of your video. 
  • Make use of effective CTAs to drive people into action.
  • Always submit a video sitemap because it helps in easier crawling.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing has become an essential part of every content marketing strategy. It is a powerful medium for storytelling and can have a direct impact on the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Videos are the best way to defeat your competitors because it is not easy to replicate videos. Stop thinking and start producing videos to power up your content marketing campaign.