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Instagram Marketing Skills You Need in 2020

Over 1 Billion people remain active on Instagram each month.

Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with your target audience during different phases of the consumer journey.

Besides, it is the most powerful channel for influencer marketing.

With the introduction of new features like the new camera for Instagram stories or the new donation sticker, it has become even more easier for brands to promote their business on Instagram.

What skills do you need to market your offerings on Instagram in 2020? Let’s discuss in this article.

1- Schedule Your Posts Perfectly
You must know how to schedule Instagram posts in order to make the most of this platform.

Knowing how to schedule your posts in advance is the best skill to learn in 2020 to power up your Instagram marketing strategy.

Post scheduling offers many advantages:
  • It makes your timing perfect.
  • It saves your valuable time.
  • You have a complete summary of the posts you are planning to share so that you are able to maintain the flow.
  • Instagram scheduler makes it super easy to schedule your posts in advance.
  • You are able to increase engagement and gain more followers.
2- Leverage The Power of Instagram Shopping

Instagram lets you directly sell your products on its platform with the help of the Instagram shopping feature.

People are able to buy your products directly from the photos and videos you share in your account.

Follow the below tips when leveraging the power of Instagram shopping:
  • Post about your product in a week. Maintain this consistency because this will allow your audience to remain prepared about your product posts in advance.
  • Customize your products as per the needs of your audience. Keep in mind your product USP and highlight it in your images and videos.
  • Highlight specific stories that displays certain products.
  • Use a plain color background to improve post visibility.
  • Involve customers in your photos and videos. You can share pictures that your customers have shared with your products.

3- Use These Amazing Post Ideas
Instagram is all about pictures and videos. You must have the right skills and access to proper tools to enhance your product or videos.
  • Show ‘behind the scenes’ pics or videos to your audience. May be a tour of your workplace can be a good way to start.

  • Use effective CTAs in your posts to improve social conversions.
  • Create and share tutorials as people love them.
  • Create holiday themed posts because they are most likely to get the maximum comments and shares.
  • Share events and customer testimonials.

4- Be More Personal
Run ads on Instagram to receive lots of engagement in a less amount of time. This is one of the most essential skills you need in 2020 as an Instagram marketer.

Personalized posts and ads are most likely to receive the maximum conversions.

Modern mattress company, Simba was able to increase return on spend by 73% and reduce the cost per click by 31% by making their ads more personal.

The company split their ads based on behaviors like website visitors or people who have added some products in their cart. It then designed ad creatives that matched the exact stage of the consumer journey. Simba was able to drive lots of conversions using this personalized ad strategy based on customer behavior.

5- Run Ads in Stories

UK based fitness company, Gymshark used ads in Instagram stories to drive conversions.

As Instagram case study mentions, “The fitness brand shared vibrant photos of Flex clothing, with copy that flowed in over the photos. The ads then urged its viewers to Swipe Up, which took them to its website and encouraged them to make a purchase.”

The campaign resulted in 9X more return on ad spend, 50% lower cost per acquisitions as compared to other platforms and over 2400 purchases directly via ads displayed in stories.

Wrapping Up
Instagram is one of the best platforms to gain popularity for your brand and connect with more prospects. Make use of the above five skills in 2020 and ahead to fuel the growth of your business using Instagram.